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Fara Amina
Digital Content Officer

Fara is the head of digital content at EcoKnights, under the Sustainability Communications department. With the love for films and movie magic intricacies, Fara hopes to bring more sustainability-related content to the public eye and the mainstream world.

Fara is a UiTM graduate with a degree in Bachelor (Hons) in English for Professional Communication with a minor in Education. She developed a passion for film-making through her involvement in theatre production for one of her extra-curricular activities at the university. She produced, wrote and directed several theatre productions throughout her 3 years of studies and basically ‘winged’ each production based on her love for 80s movies and musical productions back then.

In 2017, she interned at EcoKnights and has helped in numerous content production development as well as other major events. She curated the social media platforms for EcoKnights and KLEFF, in addition to writing press releases, articles, and copywriting for the organizations’ collaterals. On top of that, she also managed to hone her skills in project management, leadership, problem-solving and public speaking throughout her internship days by facilitating and coordinating workshops, talks, corporate events and a music gig (Green Vibes at Eco Month Publika).

From her internship period, there, sparked an interest to further spread environmental education and awareness through strategic communications. She believes that for change to happen, it needs to start from within. From learning and educating one’s self to understanding the importance of environmental sustainability for all living things, will lead to an outcome of changing habits and lifestyles for a more sustainable environment.

In her free time, she enjoys binging tv shows and films and catching the occasional theatre production and plays. As an introverted cinephile who believes in environmental justice, Fara hopes that more youths are empowered to answer the Call of Eco-Action – as cheesy as it may sound – and save the world, just how Bruce Wayne put on his mask and hops into the Batmobile upon seeing the Bat-signal.



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