Keppel Land Ltd - Ranked 17th on Global 100 Index, 2014


Corporate Social Responsibility

A leading real estate company, shaping the best for future generations.

Guided by our operating principles and core values, we will create value for all stakeholders through innovative real estate solutions.

Operating Principles:
1. Best value propositions to customers 
2. Tapping and developing best talents from our 
    global workforce 
3. Cultivating a spirit of innovation and enterprise 
4. Executing our projects well 
5. Being financially disciplined to earn best risk-
    adjusted returns 
6. Clarity of focus and operating within our core 
7. Being prepared for the future

Sustainability Framework 
Keppel Land is committed to deliver value to all our shareholders through Sustaining Growth in our businesses,Empowering Lives of people and Nurturing Communities where we operate.


Our commitment to business excellence is underpinned by an unwavering focus on strong corporate governance and prudent financial management.

Resource efficiency is not only our responsibility, but also makes good business sense.

We will continue to distinguish our properties with strong value offerings and hallmark quality for greater competitive edge.


People are the cornerstone of our business.

As an employer of choice, we are committed to growing and nurturing our talent pool through continuous training and development to help our people reach their full potential.

We instil a culture of safety so that everyone who comes to work goes home safe.


As a global citizen, we believe that as communities thrive, we thrive.

We give back to communities wherever we operate through our multi-faceted approach towards corporate social responsibility.

We cultivate a green mindset among our employees to spur them towards adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

Your feedback is valued to help us improve on our future reporting and we welcome your comments and opinions. Email us at:

Information sent to us will be collected, used and disclosed as described in our Data Protection Statement.


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