Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd - Ranked 66th on Global 100 Index, 2014


Promoting CSR through manufacturing as an innovative contributor to society

In accordance with the three principles that define the spirit of our creed, the MHI Group serves as a manufacturing corporation that contributes to societal progress through its business endeavors of delivering products and technologies in support of social and industrial infrastructure worldwide. In this way MHI is contributing to the resolution of global issues.
Furthermore, MHI believes the basis of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to engage in business activities that take its diverse range of stakeholders into consideration and return profits to all stakeholders in optimum fashion, while at the same time providing excellent products and technologies to realize a sustainable society and a secure future for people and the planet.
Based on our creed and CI statement, "Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow," the MHI Group has also instituted CSR Action Guidelines to serve as collective standards for all Group employees when conducting business activities centered on the principles of CSR.

Figure: Relations between the MHI Group and society


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