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* Ranked 77th on Global 100 Index, 2014

CSR Activities

Under the CSR Charter, the Ricoh Group is engaged iious activities mainly in the four key areas specified below. To facilitate these activities, we have introduced many globally accepted CSR guidelines such as ISO 26000.

Integrity in Corporate Activities

We aim to provide satisfaction and gratification to as many stakeholders as possible. To this end, we behave and act ethically and relentlessly seek improvement in the quality, safety, information security, and reliability of our products and services.

Harmony with the Environment

We continue strengthening and accelerating our sustainable environmental management efforts through both the reduction of environmental impact and the conservation of biodiversity, in order to simultaneously achieve environmental conservation and profits.

Respect for People

We respect the human rights of all stakeholders and aim to simultaneously achieve the development of our corporation and the well-being of individuals. We also work to create a safe and comfortable work environment for all employees so that they can realize their full potential and have a fulfilling career.

Harmony with Society

As a good global citizen, we respect our customers and their culture in the countries and communities in which we operate. In partnership with like-minded people, the company and employees work together for the sustainable development of the Earth, the environment, and society. We are also engaged in dialogue with various stakeholders in society and incorporate their feedback into our CSR activities in order to improve our quality and effectiveness.



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