EcoKnights Enriches Knowledge of MSIG Top Management Team on Flood Risks and Management and its impact on Businesses and Sustainability.

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29hb April, 2015, Kuala Lumpur -- EcoKnights' "Sustainability in Business" campaign continues in a talk organized today at the MSIG head office located in Jalan P.Ramlee.

Aimed at raising the awareness on flood risk management and impact on policy holders and stakeholders, the one hour talk was delivered by EcoKnights' President, Yasmin Rasyid and also Vice President, Amlir Ayat. 

Amlir, with his background and vast experiences in storm water management and also in irrigation and drainage, provided a technical perspective on the causes of floods, the history of floods in Malaysia, inclusive of the raising costs of damages that affects Malaysians and the country. 

The talk was attended by the Chairman, CEO, and also relevant high ranking management team officers of MSIG, including two Japanese counterparts. 

If your organization or office is keen to engage EcoKnights to instill an awareness on sustainability that needs to be urgently addressed in your company, do contact us at for more information and book a talk today.  




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