Publika Earth Month & MAPFEST 2018

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Green Market for Blue Zone is now FULL

Thank YOU for the overwhelming response! We are delighted to share with you that our Green Market for Blue Zone is now FULL. Thank you to all the green social enterprises, NGOs and organizations who approached us to secure a booth during the Green Market. We’re excited and we look forward to showcase these amazing initiatives in promoting sustainable consumption and production!

To those who missed out the first application, please fill up the application form as soon as possible. The link of registration is as below.

EcoKnights’ Signature Green Market is Back and Calling For Vendor

In collaboration with Publika, EcoKnights will be organizing the signature Green Market in conjunction with Earth Month and MAPFEST 2018 to promote public awareness towards environmental and sustainability living. This year, the Green Market will be kickstared with the celebration of the annual Earth Day, which falls on the 24th March. The Green Market starting from 24th March 2018 until 1st April 2018 will serves as a platform to promote and showcase local green enterprises, NGOs, communities group of their latest products and initiative in environmental sustainability. 

A total of 28 green organizations or business, NGOs and vendors will take an interest in the Green Market this year with an amazing appearance of activities and green products.


to register as booth spaces are limited.

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For more information about the Green Market, can visit to EcoKnights official website at or via EcoKnights’s FB page (@EcoKnights). For other inquiries, please contact Jia Qi at

Green Market Dates

Location Date Time
Red Zone 24th March – 25th March 2018 12pm – 10pm



Green Market Themes

Ethical Apparel – Highlighting products that are community-made, fashionable items that has been made sustainably and low impact onto our environment.

Handmade & Artisan Products - Homemade aromatherapy, healthy and sustainable diets, DIY repairs as well as natural skin and body care.

Gardening & Farming Products – Organic certified gardening products, recycled and reclaimed garden features and even a feature garden to sit in and listen to talks on gardening.

Food & Beverage - Featuring the most delicious selection of vegetarian and vegan, organic and natural healthy product. Products featured here will be supporting a cause and create bigger impact.

Green technology - Featuring a continuously evolving group of methods and materials, from techniques for generating energy to non-toxic cleaning products.

Pre-loved & Upcycled Products - Involves turning waste material or an unwanted product into a better-quality product.

Biodegradable Products – For biodegradable products like food containers, cups and plates, as well as other biodegradable and compostable tableware

Community groups & NGOs - All the leading advocacy groups working to make the world a better place. From international environmental and social NGOs to local community groups protecting endangered species and creating sustainable communities.


About The Green Market

The Green Market is EcoKnights annual and significant event that is held in conjunction with Publika Earth Month and MAPFEST 2018 start on 24th March 2018. Green Market is a good platform for appealing green products, creates another sort of infotainment, building bridge for economical utilization and production, also known as sustainable development goals. Again, the Green Market means to raising an awareness among the public towards the environmental issues.

The Green Market will also showcase a lot of collaborations with social enterprises and green entrepreneurs as it also will be have a valuable eco-friendly programs. Other activities such as environmental film screenings, community workshops and performances will be held throughout the weekends to provide a diverse engagement for the crowd.

For further information on the event – on list of vendors, film screening schedule, list of workshops and schedule, workshop registration, list of buskers, and the full itinerary of the event itself, kindly visit


Green Market FAQs


What are the Green Market dates?

Date: 24th March – 25th March 2018
Time: 12pm – 10pm

How much does it cost?

RED ZONE - RM200 per day, with additional RM200 add on as refundable security deposit.

How can I apply?

You can complete the Publika Earth Month 2018 Green Market Vendor Application Form through Due date for application is by 16th March 2018.

What is the selection process?

EcoKnights will review your application based on a set criteria, with the aid of positive and also negative screening tools, and input from community groups with the required authority.

How long will the selection process take?

We will process your application within 3 days after you send your application to us.

When do I have to pay by?

Payment is required within 3 days once you have been accepted as a vendor. Complete payment with transaction proof and completed contract form it needed to secure your booth. You will be notified of this upon acceptance and an invoice will be sent.

What are the booth like?

RED ZONE - 6 x 9" space, table with table cloth (x1), chairs (x2) and plug point (x1).

When do I find out my site location?

Your site location will be made available to you when you get your ‘Green Market Information Kit’ in March.

When do I set up my exhibit?

You will be given a ‘Green Market Information Kit’ in March detailing all the logistics needs.

How do I pack up at the end?

Detailed information on how to pack up will be supplied in the ‘Green Market Information Kit’.

Will there be security onsite?

Yes. General security guards will patrol the Green Market site during the day and during the night. However, we highly recommend not leaving expensive items in your space unattended.

Can I lock up my equipment?

Any equipment you leave onsite overnight will remain in your booth with the entrance tied down. Publika security will patrol the mall site overnight.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes. You are allowed to bring your set up equipment but first must adhere to the rules and regulations from Publika, and most importantly to respect other vendor’s space and harmony.

Do there any brokerage fee?

No. It is the responsibility of all the vendor to take good care of their goods. However, should there be any accidental destruction of any setup of EcoKnights, the brokerage fee will be deducted from the security deposit or to be compensated in full depending on the final bill.


Vehicle Access

Where can I park?

Car park is available within Publika Shopping Gallery compound. However, all tickets payment is borne by the exhibitors. Please be aware that there are two types of parking in Publika which is normal rate parking and PREMIUM parking. Kindly ensure that you park at the right location.

Can I park an oversize vehicle?

No. Oversize vehicles are not allowed.

When do I get my vehicle pass?

Vehicle pass is not required, you can park your vehicle inside Publika Shopping Gallery. However, you may drop off your items at the drop off area via West Entrance.


Security Deposit

A refundable RM200 will be required upon you accept to be vendor and will be returned to you once the vendors abide the following rules and regulations: -

  • Completion of daily vendor sign-in and sign-out
  • Setups (inclusive logistic provided) are returned undamaged
  • Completion of feedback form

Any cancellation booth can’t be transferred to another party, please do inform the EcoKnights team immediately. A 50% security deposit penalty will be imposed if there’s any booth cancellation between 12th March to 16th March 2018.


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