8 Reasons Why You Should Be at the 8th KLEFF

It’s the Malaysian Year of Festivals and the 8th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival is one festival you don’t want to miss. The 3-day lineup consists of more than 116 environment-themed films of various genre, a dozen community and hands-on workshops on film making and sustainability, a musical extravaganza featuring local musicians and artists, in addition to the 70 NGOs and green businesses who will be participating in the Festival’s Green Market promoting sustainable consumerism.

In case you’re still wondering if you should come and check KLEFF out, we thought we’d share the top 8 reasons why you should be with us during the Festival weekend from October 16-18th 2015 at Publika Mall.

  1. Award-winning films with strong environmental messages and solutions.
    1The oldest and longest serving homegrown environment-themed festival with over 116 hand-selected films from all across the globe which you can’t see just anywhere. Movie theatres and cable TV are dedicated to mostly big, Hollywood studio films and there are few places to experience the world of award-winning environmental films. The Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) is one of Malaysia’s most important outlets for environmental films and film makers. The KLEFF jury committee carefully scores each film and selects the best from the many submissions from our community and around the world. You would be the privilege one to enjoy these films. Take a look at the trailers of films that will be screened at KLEFF this year or find out about seat reservations at www.ecofilmfest.my.

  2. A chance to meet and network with the environmentalists and film makers.
    2The reputation of the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival has grown in its eight-year lifespan.  Local and international film makers enjoy seeing their work on the big screen. They also like talking and sharing their experiences with festival-goers and you’re encouraged to chat with them. The environmentalists meanwhile are there to share their local and global experiences and stories and to also empower and motivate you as the audience. So in a nut shell, meeting these folks is definitely the beginning of your journey to sustainability.

  3. It’s educational and entertaining for your family.
    3Watch award-winning national and Asian premieres such as Racing Extinction, Sumatra’s Last Tiger, The Exploding River of Durians or Inhabit and be inspired to become more engaged in the wonders of your local environment. Whether it’s about being able to identify and avoid purchase of toxic products, or learning about solutions for challenging environmental issues, the films that will be screened at KLEFF would definitely open your eyes to infinite and positive solutions for a better planet.

  4. A Chance to Indulge in Responsible Shopping at the Green Market.
    4Check out cool planet-friendly products or services that will be offered by more than 70 local and international vendors ranging from sustainable fashion wear to organic produce from local farms. The Green Market will be held at the Boulevard and the Square of Publika. Remember to bring your shopping bags when you head to the Green Market.

  5. Fun and Engaging Community Workshops on Sustainability and Film Making.
    6Attend the wide array of workshops, talks and forums offered at KLEFF. Festival-goers can pick up some knowledge, resources, and inspiration on a broad range of film-related skills or conservation efforts straight from real-world industry professionals. Workshop and talk topics range from urban farming to upcycling, and wildlife photography to simple sustainable household hacks.

  6. Delicious Selection of Healthy and Organic Food and Beverages.
    7Indulge in a variety of healthy and organic foods and beverages that will be on sale at the festival fairground. Try awesome juices from JuiceWorks, or indulge in some healthy pasta in a jar by Warong Buah, and give the organic salads, cupcakes and meals a try.

  7. Amazing local artists and musicians supporting environmental causes.
    9Support local musicians and artists like Alena Murang that have a strong message to convey about the environment. Alena is also KLEFF’s ambassador. Growing up in Borneo, Alena was surrounded by a rich natural environment, and cultures of many different indigenous cultures of the island. She is part Kelabit - one of the smallest ethnic groups on the island. Learning from her Kelabit elders, Alena sings, dances and plays the sape' (a traditional lute instrument). Her performances are a sharing of these art forms, an experience you shouldn’t miss.

  8. Support Malaysian Talents and Advocates of Sustainability.
    10Help grow the local environment-themed arts and film scene in Kuala Lumpur. There are many Malaysians passionate about the environment and festivals such as the KLEFF that serves as a public platform for Malaysians to gather and celebrate film and the environment.  Arts and film bring people together. It makes communities more vibrant. This year, you must check out Christine Das’ amazing collection of artwork on Mother Nature which is a sure show stopper. 



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