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Message From President of EcoKnights, Yasmin Rasyid.

Yasmin RasyidJuly was the month of observing #NoPlastics. As such, EcoKnights was kept pretty much engaged and occupied with various corporate and public awareness and engagement programs to inform, educate and encourage action from general Malaysians on saying #notoplastics.

Having said this, I sure hope that it’s not only in the month of July that we observe this trend; it should be, in my humble opinion, a daily trend.

I am not a tree hugger, neither am I a zero waste-r but I strive daily to make incremental and meaningful changes to be more responsible and sustainable in my efforts to be a better citizen on this big planet we call home.

And I hope this can serve as a sweet and gentle reminder to just give a short at trying. Nothing is easy, but if we don’t try, we won’t know if it’s easy or not.

Here’s wishing all our subscribers and readers a fruitful month ahead. We have several fun programs lined up from the Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp to the southern activation of our flagship program, MBIP Garbage to Garden (G2G). We are also in the midst of working on several initiatives under the River of Life (ROL) national program, in which we provide community-based interventions to support the structural approach of ROL to revive rehabilitate and reconnect rivers in the city centre.

As always, I would love to encourage you to pick a habit this month, a habit in which you are keen to change towards a more holistic and sustainable lifestyle. For me, I’ve decided that for this month, I’m going to drive less, and take more of the MRT to observe lowering my carbon footprint. What’s yours?

Latest News

EcoKnights Impact Report 2017

EcoKnights Impact Report 2017“This is our first Impact Report and I am proud to share our theory of change and the assessment techniques for all our programs that we have initiated and completed in the last year. This report will also share the stories of the beneficiaries of our programs, some of whom have grown with us over the years. I hope that both the stories and the data in this report will prove the value of the work we do.” - Yasmin Rasyid, President of EcoKnights

EcoKnights would like to share the organisation’s Impact Report with the public in order to provide a transparent view of the organisation’s work, programmes, engagements and their impacts through partnerships, collaboration and support from many.

You can view and download the Impact Report 2017 here.

Nissan Nurtures Nature: The Second Campaign Launched In Sabah, Sarawak and Pahang.

Nissan Nurtures Nature: The Second Campaign Launched In Sabah, Sarawak and Pahang.Nissan Nurtures Nature Programme has successfully completed their second campaign at the Kuching and Kuantan branches of Edaran Tan Chong Motor showroom and Imago Mall in Kota Kinabalu The campaign consisted of 2 activities – DIY Self-watering System workshop by EcoKnights and Eco Talk.

Read more here to find out about the second Nissan Nurtures Nature campaign in Sabah and Sarawak and the third campaign in Kuantan, Pahang.

IOI Sustain Day 2018

IOI Sustain Day 2018On the 15th of July 2018, EcoKnights was invited to IOI Sustain Day to conduct a DIY draw-string pouch upcycling workshop with kids. This draw-string pouch is made from rejected linens that were donated to EcoKnights by a local hotel. The objective of this event is to promote sustainable lifestyle and waste minimization.

Click here to read more.

Raising Awareness on Sustainability at HSBC #IChooseGreen Carnival

Raising Awareness on Sustainability at HSBC #IChooseGreen CarnivalEcoKnights was invited to HSBC’s #IChooseGreen Carnival in an effort to raise awareness and fundraise for important environmental issues.

As an event partner, EcoKnights opened a booth and conducted two film screening sessions. The team presented the organization’s activities as well as promoted green ideas in addition to our products like our DIY eco-enzymes and soaps.

Read more on EcoKnights’ involvement in the carnival.

Selangor Garbage to Garden (G2G) Programme: Monitoring Phase Found A Positive Progress by Participants

Selangor Garbage to Garden (G2G) Programme: Monitoring Phase Found A Positive Progress by ParticipantsContinuing from the Garbage to Garden (G2G) workshops, EcoKnights conducted a monitoring phase with some of the G2G participants’ compost. The site visits covered a total of 7 participants’ houses around Selangor.

The respondents are participants from the G2G composting workshops held in April and May. The respondents were randomly selected by EcoKnights to assist in the data collection regarding their composting project using EcoKnights compost bins sponsored by the Selangor State Government.

Read more on the findings of the monitoring phase and the progress of the G2G participants.

Starbucks Malaysia Global Month of Service (GMoS) 2018 – Composting Workshop with Starbucks Staff

Starbucks Malaysia Global Month of Service (GMoS) 2018 – Composting Workshop with Starbucks StaffOn 9th August 2018, we started a lovely morning with a composting workshop with 20 Starbucks Malaysia staff at the Starbucks Coffee Kota Komuning branch. By having the hands-on experience through the composting workshop, the staffs are able to have a better understanding on backyard composting to contribute to the edible garden in this particular branch.

Click here to read more.

Upcoming Events

MHB Knights of Nature (KON) 2018

MHB Knights of Nature (KON) 2018The MHB Knights of Nature has closed its application and will be conducted from 16th – 19th August 2018 at Tanjung Piai. All successful applicants have been contacted via email and phone to be informed about their application.

The camp will be hosting 40 students to gain educational tools and hands-on skills in managing projects related to maritime and community.

Do check out the camp updates on EcoKnights’ Facebook.

Bunus Fun Walk 4 River 2018 (World River’s Day)

Bunus Fun Walk 4 River 2018 (World River’s Day)In conjunction with World River’s Day on 29th September 2018, EcoKnights, along with Local Agenda 21 and DBKL, all part of the Sungai Bunus Action Group will be working together to raise awareness amongst the participants and public on issues related to river pollution through the River of Life (Sungai Bunus Restoration Project).

Join us in spreading awareness towards taking environmental responsibility to treasure rivers. For this campaign, we need 1000 people to support this effort to raise funds for the Sungai Bunus Action Group to create more suitable programmes for the community of Sungai Bunus.

EcoKnights will organise the Bunus Fun Walk 4 River 2018 campaign together with LA21 Kuala Lumpur and other partners. This year, the Walk 4 River campaign will be held on:

Date: Saturday, 29th September 2018
Time: 6.30 am to 10.00 am
Venue: Bunus River Retention Pond, Kuala Lumpur (near the National Library of Malaysia)

  • Individual – RM 30 (inclusive of a goodie bag)
  • Corporate Package – RM 500 for 10 pax (inclusive of a free gift per participant, 1 tree to plant along the riverbank of Sungai Bunus and a plaque of appreciation for each respective group.)

Come and join us. Register here!

River Of Life (ROL)

Starbucks Malaysia Global Month of Service (GMoS) 2018 – Community Edible Garden Maintenance and Community Workshop

Starbucks Malaysia Global Month of Service (GMoS) 2018 – Community Edible Garden Maintenance and Community WorkshopOn 14th of July 2018, we had spent a wonderful morning with residents from Taman Ikan Emas and volunteers from Starbucks Malaysia for a community workshop and garden maintenance at the community garden of the residential area.

Click here to read further on the Starbucks GMoS community project for the Taman Ikan Emas residents.

Vanke Tree-Planting Initiative 2018

Vanke Tree-Planting Initiative 2018On Friday the 10th of August 2018, EcoKnights planted three different tree species together with Vanke Holdings and students from Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah at Taman Halimahton, Kuala Lumpur, along the Klang River.

Click here to read more on the initiative programme.

In The News

How Environmental Education Empowers Youths Today Through Attitudinal and Behavioral Change

Check out the interview with EcoKnights director, Fadly Bakhtiar, who spoke about environmental education and how it empowers youths through attitudinal and behavioral change.

How Environmental Education Empowers Youths Today Through Attitudinal and Behavioral Change

Knights’ Voices

My Parents’ Journey Towards Zero Waste Lifestyle

My Parents’ Journey Towards Zero Waste LifestyleEvery person’s zero-waste journey is different from one another. No matter how different it is, it’s the effort and process that count.

“Mom, I left my shopping bag at home, did you bring one?” I asked frantically in the supermarket. My mother, a housewife who loves to garden, proudly pulled out her large foldable shopping bag while saying, “I knew that this bag would come in handy, I always have one on standby for shopping.”
This kind of situation has become part of our lives – bringing our own shopping bags whenever we go out to buy things. A few years ago, while I was still in university, my parents and I used to shop with plastic bags despite the 20-cents charge for a plastic bag.

Continue reading here.

About Tanamera Hearts - A Tripartite Partnership to Benefit Community and The Environment.

Tanamera Hearts is a tripartite smart partnership among Tanamera, The Good Shop and EcoKnights. The aim of this collaboration is to achieve dual goals of improving the livelihood of beneficiaries from marginalised communities and to achieve sustainable environmental development for local communities through entrepreneurism.

Tanamera Hearts comprise of an aromatherapy stone, and a bottle of essential oil, packed in a beautiful dark blue travel case produced by the beneficiaries of the Good Shop. Tanamera Hearts is a perfect gift for loved ones, and also a great travel item if you would love to be surrounded by familiar aromatherapy scents. You can choose from a variety of essential oils to use with the aromatherapy stone.

The River of Life (ROL)

About EcoKnights

EcoKnights is a non-for-profit environmental organization registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia. EcoKnights' core focus areas are in environmental education and awareness using innovative and creative platforms. More information about EcoKnights can be obtained from www.ecoknights.org.my.

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