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Message From President of EcoKnights, Yasmin Rasyid.

Yasmin RasyidIt's a new dawn, it's a new day, and the country will be definitely on board an exciting journey ahead. As we brace the new government, EcoKnights will be advocating for more sustainability-based solutions, engagements and activities for the people of the country. Over the past week, we have seen how transitions can happen overnight when a crisis hits us. This rings the same for the environment.

In the past month, we have been gearing up for the Garbage to Garden (G2G) program, engaging the public to participate in our workshops, and to motivate and inspire our participants to take action by initiating zero kitchen waste initiatives at home. We have some interesting stories to share on the outcomes of these workshops.

We continue to engage with the business sector through our social responsibility efforts through some change transformation activities. This involves engaging with the industry's working force in enhancing their awareness on sustainable living, and creating opportunities for them to indulge and take active roles in sustainable living through our capacity building and skills development workshops. A heartfelt thank you to Kenanga Investment Bank, AVEDA Malaysia, Starbucks Malaysia, and also the business partners of the River of Life (Sungai Bunus) Local Agenda 21 for believing in the work we do, and for choosing to collaborate with us in driving through sustainability in the country.

Now, if YOU are keen to play a direct role in supporting EcoKnights and our work, it's made easier now through our Tanamera Hearts fundraising program. For every pack of Tanamera Hearts (only at RM99) purchased from EcoKnights or at Tanamera Tropical Spa Products outlet, 50% of the proceeds from the sales will be channelled to continuously support EK's community education and awareness programs. And I like to end with a quote from Rachel Carson, who has been one of the most influential figures in my life, in which she said, "The more clearly we focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction".

Latest News

Aveda Earth Month 2018 Campaign

Aveda Earth Month 2018 Campaign In conjunction with Earth Month, EcoKnights collaborated with Aveda Malaysia to organise the Aveda Earth Month 2018 Campaign to raise funds for the installation of water filtration systems for the Temuan Orang Asal Community of Air Kuning, Shah Alam. The fund is raised through two activities – Charity Cut-A-Thon and Charity Yoga4Water

Click here to read more on the 3-day fundraising event..

EcoKnights In Collaboration with Kenanga Investment Bank For Kenanga Earth Month Programme - Green At Work

EcoKnights In Collaboration with Kenanga Investment Bank For Kenanga Earth Month Programme - Green At WorkThroughout the month of April, in conjunction with Kenanga Earth Month, EcoKnights has collaborated with Kenanga Investment Bank to condct a series of Eco Workshops as well as working with UTM Kuala Lumpur to contribute to the university’s edible garden at Sungai Bunus riverine area.

Read more on the event here.

Green At Work

Selangor Garbage to Garden Programme 2018 Kicks Off With Its First Workshop

Selangor Garbage to Garden Programme 2018 Kicks Off With Its First WorkshopThe first batch of Selangor Garbage to Garden (G2G) Programme participants geared up for their composting journey through G2G’s first workshop. The participants were also provided with compost bin as a support for their initiative to start composting.

Read more on the first G2G workshop here.

Upcoming Events

Garbage to Garden Programme 2018

Garbage to Garden (G2G) is back for the second time! This year, in collaboration with the Selangor State government, EcoKnights is organizing the G2G campaign that acts as a platform to educate the public about backyard composting food waste and raise awareness about how we can put food waste to a good use. If you’re a Selangor resident interested to start composting, find out more on how to be part of G2G. Registration ends on 18th May 2018. For inquiry, you can contact iqbal@ecoknights.org.my.

Garbage to Garden Project 2018

ROL:POP – Bag2Bekas (B2B) Campaign

Ramadhan month is around the corner and everyone is excited for the delicious food in Ramadhan bazaars. To encourage the public to bring their own bags and containers to take away their food, EcoKnights will be launching the Bag2Bekas (B2B) Campaign under the River of Life. The campaign will take place everyday from 21st May until 10th June at Kampung Raja Uda bazaar at Kampung Baru KL.

Containers* will be given out to the public while those who bring their own bags or containers can redeem a prize for every 10 stamps.

For more information, you can contact farhana.shukor@ecoknights.org.my or emirul@ecoknights.org.my.

ROL:POP – Bag2Bekas (B2B) Campaign

Zero Kitchen Waste Workshop #4: Composting & Effective Microbe

The Zero Kitchen Waste Series will be continuing with its third workshop on converting used cooking oil into soaps on 12th May from 10am – 11.30am.

You can refer to the calendar on the poster to find out the workshop available on each month.

Registration starts on 1st April, for more information, please contact Nabila at 03-77318361 or nabila@ecoknights.org.my.

Zero Kitchen Waste Workshop #4: Composting & Effective Microbe

River Of Life (ROL)

Project River Of Life (ROL) – Green Outreach Program at Perumahan Awam Rumah Panjang Ikan Emas

Project River Of Life (ROL) – Green Outreach Program at Perumahan Awam Rumah Panjang Ikan EmasUnder the new collaboration with Starbucks Malaysia for their Global Month of Service (GMoS) 2018, a community edible garden at Perumahan Awam Rumah Panjang Ikan Emas was launched successfully under the Green Outreach Program on 21st April 2018.

Seven species of vegetation – tomato, eggplant, chili, okra, long bean, turmeric, and lemongrass were planted in the garden for the community’s usage in the future. Find out more on the event here.

If you are interested with edible or community garden projects, you can inquire through info@ecoknights.org.my.


Selangor Garbage to Garden Programme 2018 Kicks Off With Its First WorkshopThe River of Life (ROL) team participated in the Car Free Morning on the 6th of May to engage with the public regarding ROL. This time EcoKnights member demonstrated about composting and Eco-Enzyme for the public who are keen to do these sustainable practices. Besides, we also doing survey regarding river awareness and perception as well as ROL project awareness.

The engagement outcomes are:


  • Information on River of Life
  • Awareness in composting and Eco-Enzyme


  • 20 participants joined the composting and Eco-Enzyme workshop
  • 15 registration for updates on ROL
  • 48 responses in social survey on river and ROL project awareness

For more information on ROL, you can contact our officer Mr Emirul at 03-77318361 or emirul@ecoknights.org.my.

The River of Life (ROL)

What Our Interns Say

Jia Qi

Find out what our previous interns, Jia Qi has to say about her experience in our internship programme.

Jia QiIn my rather short experience of the working world I can say that the working environment at EcoKnights is by far the best I have encountered. Read more...

Knights’ Voices

MY Environment
MY Responsibility

by Fong Jia Qi

The environment has become a hot topic of discussion and debate, on all public platforms. The more the discussions, the higher the awareness, and the polluted the earth becomes. Isn't it a thing to ponder about? While we discuss so much about environmental issues and pour in a lot of environmental effort, the Earth unfortunately continues weakening. The Earth is a beautiful living planet of the Universe as a habitat for more than 7 billion humans & millions of other species. Our Earth provides us with food, shelter & most of our necessities. Continue reading

About Tanamera Hearts - A Tripartite Partnership to Benefit Community and The Environment.

Tanamera Hearts is a tripartite smart partnership among Tanamera, The Good Shop and EcoKnights. The aim of this collaboration is to achieve dual goals of improving the livelihood of beneficiaries from marginalised communities and to achieve sustainable environmental development for local communities through entrepreneurism.

Tanamera Hearts comprise of an aromatherapy stone, and a bottle of essential oil, packed in a beautiful dark blue travel case produced by the beneficiaries of the Good Shop. Tanamera Hearts is a perfect gift for loved ones, and also a great travel item if you would love to be surrounded by familiar aromatherapy scents. You can choose from a variety of essential oils to use with the aromatherapy stone.

The River of Life (ROL)

About EcoKnights

EcoKnights is a non-for-profit environmental organization registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia. EcoKnights' core focus areas are in environmental education and awareness using innovative and creative platforms. More information about EcoKnights can be obtained from www.ecoknights.org.my.

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