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Message from the President of EcoKnights, Yasmin Rasyid.

Yasmin Rasyid

January came and went, and we are now gearing up for some serious work in the office. First up is our collaboration with Waseda University in Japan on a research with regards to the bauxite development in Pahang. The EcoKnights team will be presenting the results of this research in March to all stakeholders relevant to the bauxite development industry so stay tuned for updates on this presentation on our Facebook page.

On a separate note, our flagship program, the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and we have just launched our call for film submissions. If you missed the recent interview on Bernama, check it out here.

Lastly, our composting program, supported by the Shell Sustainable Development Grant has been an awesome success. All the 360 sponsored compost bins have been given out, and we are currently occupied with our weekly community workshops that we conduct for free. Thanks Shell. Not only do our communities are now learning more about composting, they are also walking home with a bin to put their knowledge into practice.

So it's full speed ahead for us here, and we hope you would support our efforts to keep us on the go. Whether it's through donations, or in-kind, or even by acquiring our services, or volunteering with us, there are definitely many more ways in which you can be an EcoKnights and join us in this crusade to attain sustainability in our lives and country.

Latest News

The 10th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival is now calling for Entries!!

WWF-Malaysia Building Bridges for Sustainable Consumption and Production (BB4SCP) Youth Conference and Fair

It is the 10th Anniversary for the International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) and we are CALLING FOR TONS OF ACTION!! If you have an inspiring and urgent environmental story to share, submit your film to us here!

KLEFF is an annual environmental film festival organized by EcoKnights since 2008 and has been running for 9 years, serving as a platform to facilitate building a nation of ecologically conscious businesses, individuals, and communities through on-ground activities and film screenings focused on critical environmental issues and stories such as pollution, transboundary haze, indigenous people’s rights, wildlife protection, nuclear energy, climate change, sustainable food production, waste management, local environmental heroes and more.as a platform to both local and international film makers. The festival’s themes are the environment, ecology and sustainable development in a comprehensive sense.

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EcoKnights in W-Bridge Symposium, Waseda University

EcoKnights in W-Bridge Symposium, Waseda University

Since August 2016, EcoKnights has been very fortunate to be on board with a research team consisting of Waseda University Japan and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), under the Waseda-Bridge Programme. This team is currently researching on the bauxite mining development in Kuantan which became national news in 2015 due to the pollution caused by the mining activities. Both Waseda University and UTM are studying the technical parts whereas EcoKnights focuses on the social aspects of the bauxite mining development.

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Updates on Garbage to Garden Composting Program

Updates on Garbage to Garden Composting Program

Launched last November (2016), EcoKnights’ Garbage to Garden program has been a great success. Supported by the Shell Sustainable Development Grant, the program is designed to educate and activate Malaysians to reduce their food waste disposal in to landfills by composting.

To date, 350 backyard compost bins have been distributed and currently, we are busy with delivering workshops to communities in the Klang Valley. The distribution of the bins is divided in eight batches of distribution, and we are currently distributing the bins for those who have signed up for the bins and workshop under the third batch.

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Register now to be in the Green Market

Register now to be in the Green Market

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on 22nd April, a day event which are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The main purpose of Earth Day is to unite people of many different cultures for a purpose to care for the earth. Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on 22nd April, a day event which are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The main purpose of Earth Day is to unite people of many different cultures for a purpose to care for the earth.

Publika Shopping Gallery has been organising Earth Month in conjunction with Map Fest annually which promotes environmental awareness and sustainability. EcoKnights have been partners with Publika since year 2014. And this year, we have something grand for you.

The Green Market will take place from March 18th till March 26th, which falls on school holidays.

The Green Market will showcase latest green products, services and sustainability-themed initiatives. Green Market is a strong advocate for attractive green products, creates a new kind of infotainment, building bridge for sustainable consumption and production, also known as sustainable development goals.

In 2017, Green Market continues, with the collaboration between Publika Shopping Gallery, EcoKnights and The Good Shop as per previous year.

If you’re interested in applying to be in the green movement please visit the link below.

The Ecoknights Green Market is back and calling for vendors

FABulouS Interview with the Man behind G2G, Syamim Asri.

FABulouS Interview with the Man behind G2G, Syamim Asri.

Needless to say, EcoKnights is involved in many green projects and last year, we launched a backyard composting project known as Garbage to Garden or g2g, funded by SHELL. Now that we are half-way through, we’re really excited to see how the project is progressing. The person in charge for Garbage to Garden is one of the strong factors that ensure the progress of this project – none other than Syamim Asri (centre, in pic) who started his journey with EcoKnights as an intern in February 2016 and continued as a full time employee in August 2016.

Here is an interview between our programme director and Syamim Asri, our g2g guider, in which he shares his experiences and achievements throughout working in EcoKnights.

FABS: Share a little bit of your personal & education background.

SYAMIM: Hello my name is Syamim Asri, from northern region of Malaysia. I am 24 years old. I am a graduate from University Malaysia Kelantan in Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Science.

FABS: You joined EcoKnights as an intern back in February 2016 for four months, how was the experience that time? What was some of the biggest achievement (at that time) as an intern?

SYAMIM: Well my previous internship witnessed a lot of interesting and unforgettable moments with EcoKnights. At first, when I was in university, most of my seniors told me that being an intern would never be the same as a working experience. You would be just doing simple and basic things, for the purpose of gaining more knowledge and experience the working environment. However, with EcoKnights, I have done a lot of things that I have never did before, all by myself. Of course I was guided at the beginning, but as time passed by, the responsibility towards any task given is all on me and I did not expect to successfully handle it. I was the person in charge for Green Market on March 2016. It was a very beautiful moment for me to get to know a lot of people, experience the responsibility to lead a team and others.

FABS: After you completed your internship term in June, you were called back by me in August/September to rejoin the team for KLEFF and some other projects. Why did you decide to accept the offer?

SYAMIM: Back in August 2016, I received a call from EcoKnights and was asked if I would join back as a staff. Well I did not expect that offer would come at the very right time. I was searching for job back then. However, I was not confident enough with my communication skill to attend any interviews. For me, EcoKnights is a platform where you meet a lot of people, from various backgrounds which you can at least practice your skill by talking and knowledge sharing with them. I believe I have made a right choice for accepting the offer.

FABS: You have contributed almost one year of your time and skills at EcoKnights. Did you enjoy it here? How is the working/teamwork spirit there? What did you love most about working in EcoKnights team?

SYAMIM: I enjoy every second at EcoKnights. The team members share a bond with each other. I believe by getting close to everyone here at the office, the teamwork is stronger and at the same time the momentum to do the task given is at the highest peak every single time.

FABS: Tell us some of your biggest improvements (personal, skills, anything) while working at EcoKnights from day one that made you a better person like you are today

SYAMIM: When I was handling the Green Market 2016, my friends and I had to perform for ‘Charity Busking’. I was shivering during the performance in front of a big crowd. It’s the same when I am presenting something in front of a lot of people. Sometimes I tend to stutter a lot and forget everything I need to tell. I managed to reduce it slowly and it took me quite a while to get over it. I handled a series of workshops recently which really helped me to enhance my communication skill.

FABS: Now that you are moving forward to a new chapter of your career, what are your personal goals for your future? What do you hope to achieve for yourself, and for the environment?

SYAMIM: I am ready enough to get to a new place, bringing what I have learnt here at EcoKnights. Hope that I would be able to overcome any problems in the future and become a better person against time.

FABS: Lastly, what would be your constructive advice to the future volunteers/interns who wish to be part of EcoKnights team in the future?

SYAMIM: Hello young people! Are you looking for a place to learn something while working, and at the same time want to feel at home? EcoKnights is the best place for you. Experience in one thing, but enjoying the work is another thing. So why not both? You can work and volunteer happily and at the same time gain a lot of experience here at EcoKnights. Challenges are like your best friend, treat them nicely and never let the problem and challenges take over you.

Thank you Syamim, and all the best to you! We’ll definitely miss you. - EcoKnights


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