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Message from the President of EcoKnights, Yasmin Rasyid.

Yasmin Rasyid

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone's had a fantastic start to the year and here at EcoKnights, we will be gearing for some action in the first quarter as we plan and roll out some of our flag ship programs like the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF). I can't believe that KLEFF will be celebrating its 10th anniversary so soon. And I heard that something special is in store. If you've missed last year's KLEFF, check out what happened here!!

We have also just released our new 2017 EcoKnights Social Responsibility Catalogue which showcases programs and activities which are lined up this year. Some of them are perfect for your social responsibility efforts in the office. Check out the catalogue here.

Meanwhile, stay updated on our current efforts and activities by making sure you LIKE us on Facebook and Instagram. Have a wonderful January and may you start the year with some awesome energy and vibes!

Here’s What We Did in December 2016!

WWF-Malaysia Building Bridges for Sustainable Consumption and Production (BB4SCP) Youth Conference and Fair

WWF-Malaysia Building Bridges for Sustainable Consumption and Production (BB4SCP) Youth Conference and Fair

In early December 2016, the World Wild Fund for Nature Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia) together with EcoKnights as a co-organizer, held Malaysia’s first youth conference on sustainable consumption and production (SCP). This is the first ever youth conference which takes on the one of the focus by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by United Nation.

The 2-day conference, participated by 60 youths across Malaysia, focused on four elements - sustainable wood products, energy efficiency, sustainable seafood and palm oil products; which make up a huge part of Malaysians’ daily consumption.

Throughout the conference, the participants also managed to go on field trips to Diamond Building and Seri Kembangan Wholesale Wet Market. These were vital to help the young leaders understand energy efficiency and sustainable seafood consumption.

Following the conference is the SCP Fair that was held at Encorp Strand Mall, which featured various workshops and talks, forum panels and also an eco-friendly exhibition. Among the exhibitors were Biji-Biji Initiatives, Grub Cycles and CyClean Energy, to name a few.

Check out the full article on the #BB4SCP conference and fair here!

EcoKnights’ First Ever Retreat @ The Plantation, Karak, Pahang.

EcoKnights’ First Ever Retreat @ The Plantation, Karak, Pahang.

2 weeks before ushering in 2017, team EcoKnights packed our stuff and head over to The Plantations, Karak, Pahang for our first retreat near nature. With our main goal to strengthen our organizational structure, we had founder of PopTani Asia, Mr. Sheikh Shahnaz, as our motivator and guru to teach us more on branding and structured organizational system. This allowed our graphic designer, Juy and IT professional, Dane to gather ideas and thoughts in order to improve our creatives and communications.

Between the serious sessions of learning to improve our team, we didn’t forget to enjoy ourselves by playing games that tested our level of trust among ourselves, having fun in the swimming pool, laughing in joy during our Misi Tok Janggut present-exchange session and chatting away by the campfire (thanks to The Plantation staff) under the starry night surrounded by trees.

A huge thank you to Mr. Shaikh Shahnaz for spending the weekend with us, as well as The Plantation for practising sustainable tourism and recreation.

Do check out the pictures from our retreat here!

Check Out What Our Chic Amelia Has To Say about Her Internship with EcoKnights!

Check Out What Our Chic Amelia Has To Say about Her Internship with EcoKnights!

HEYYYAAA! I’m Amelia currently pursuing my degree in psychology in UCSI University. Well, where to start? I don’t know how I ended up here in EcoKnights but I know for sure I never regretted my decision!

It started out with my brother telling me to try my internship in EcoKnights. Truth be told, I was a little sceptical about it but well here I am! What’s life without a little adventure eh?

I was supposed to end up in a work that is related to my course in Psychology but throughout my time in EcoKnights, I have learnt a lot of things from event planning to report to attending camps and facilitating it and mastering Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. EcoKnights is so much more than just an environmental NGO!!

They are a bunch of talented, passionate, outstanding, experienced and of course environmental kind of people! I would like to thank Yasmin and Fadly for taking me in! I didn’t thought I would be accepted because I have no working experience or whatsoever but they were so kind and to all my colleagues, thank you!! You all have made my days in EcoKnights memorable and worthwhile.

Thank you for helping me throughout my task in EcoKnights and being a great friend and a good listener and also a supervisor! Over my time in EcoKnights I have gained different types of experience and also an extra family! I would go back there in a heartbeat! THANK YOU ALL!!


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EcoKnights is a non-for-profit environmental organization registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia. EcoKnights' core focus areas are in environmental education and awareness using innovative and creative platforms. More information about EcoKnights can be obtained from www.ecoknights.org.my.
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