EK Newsletter - Vol. 11 - December 2016

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December 2016


Inspiring Sustainable Living

EcoKnights E-Newsletter, Vol. 11 - December 2016

Message from the President

Yasmin RasyidTis the season to be jolly, falalalala lala lala.

Yes, and it’s also the season to be more mindful about what we use and throw out. The month of December is always special, and am sure it is to the entire country as well as we celebrate the end of the year, give gifts of love to family and friends during Christmas, wind down with the family and usher in the New Year.

In the last few weeks, even in EcoKnights, we are winding down after running back to back programs and the team does deserve a break to rejuvenate and energise as we kick start 2017 with more exciting and engaging activities and programs.

While you’re having a break this Christmas and school holidays, there will be plenty of parties and delicious food and drinks served, and do your bit for the planet by being observant of what you put on your plate, and let us all avoid throwing food waste in to the bin.

President and Founder


Knights of Nature Camp Johor Edition 2016
Written by Mok Yi Ying

Knights of Nature Camp Johor Edition 201624th November: The 2016 Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp was recently held at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Supported by MHB, this annual sustainability camp is organized for Johorean youths to enhance their knowledge on sustainability and empower them to take local actions to address environmental issues. This year’s camp theme was on the maritime industries and sustainability.

Picture: A group photo of EcoKnights and KON participants at Kampung Melayu Majidi.

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EcoKnights hosted workshops for delegates of the IM4U ASEAN Program
Written by Mok Yi Ying

EcoKnights hosted workshops for delegates of the IM4U ASEAN ProgramIn November, a half day workshop was organized for about 30 international delegates as part of the IM4U ASEAN program. The idea of the workshop is to enhance the awareness of the delegates to local and global environmental challenges. From workshops to a film screening, the delegates were introduced to a wide range of sustainability topics from urban farming to backyard composting.

Picture: Yasmin giving a welcoming speech to the IM4U delegates before the workshop start.

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EcoKnights teaches students about Upcycle.
Written by: Emirul Redzuan

EcoKnights teaches students about Upcycle19th November: Teach for Malaysia have invited EcoKnights to teach school kids about upcycling. The most challenging part is these kids have to invent something innovative by using a recyclable material for their school competition. And the winner will stand a chance to win a trip to Sabah!

Picture: One of the group is in action during the workshop.

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Not sure how to decorate your house for this upcoming Christmas? EcoKnights and MENGO shares how to make one from Office Waste

Not sure how to decorate your house for this upcoming ChristmasIn the spirit of Christmas, The Star Online teamed up with EcoKnights and MENGO officers recently in a video on celebrating a greener Christmas through upcycling. EcoKnights officers and interns had a great time demonstrating easy upcycled Christmas decorations made from office waste.

Check out the video

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