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September 2016


Inspiring Sustainable Living

EcoKnights E-Newsletter, Vol. 8 - September 2016

Message from the President

Yasmin RasyidThe haze made its annual visit to us this August and despite the declaration by the Indonesian government that there were fewer fires this year compared to last year, we are still the suffering by-standers. We name and shame the companies that are found responsible, but the biggest culprit, in my opinion, is YOU and ME. Oil palm-based products dominate our shelves and Malaysian consumers (and the rest of the world) are very much guilty or responsible for the haze. Our insatiable appetite for oil palm-based products is driving the conversion of forested areas into plantations, and also expediting the aggressive burning as small stakeholders are pressured to prepare their land for next season’s planting. We complain about the horrible air here, but have you ever imagined how it’s like for the Indonesians at ground zero? How do we even begin to solve this?

This brings me to share with you one way of getting yourself empowered and motivated to make that positive change. One of the biggest environment-themed events in the country will be screening short documentary called “No Haze without Fire” for the first time to a Malaysian audience and this film will definitely open up your minds and eyes to the multifaceted perspectives of plantation burning in Indonesia. Called the 9th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival or KLEFF for short, this environment-themed festival will take place this October 14th to 16th 2016 at Publika showcasing free film screenings of award-winning environmental films, community workshops on sustainable living, local musical and nature-themed performances, and the Green Market (a one stop bazaar promoting sustainable consumption and production).

If you need that extra dose of encouragement to start living sustainably, or just want to explore the environment scene in the country, the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival is definitely your one-stop space to get informed, educated and inspired. See you there at Publika this October!

President and Founder


Latest News And Upcoming Activities

9th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, 14th-16th October, Publika Solaris

The nation’s first and biggest environment-themed festival is back with more award-winning environmental films, community workshops and talks, and a wide array of entertaining activities for your family. Nine official selections will be screened this year, along with a weekend full of environment-themed elements. If you’re a fan of bazaars, check out the Green Market which will be featuring 50 NGOs and green businesses promoting their sustainable products and services. In addition, Green Tech Malaysia will also be showcasing their range of MyHijau certified green products and services including the Tesla electric vehicles, among others. Don’t miss out and tune in to www.kleff.my for more information.

KLEFF2016 Promo VideoKLEFF2016 Promo Video KLEFF2016 Promo VideoAbove: Workshops on sustainable living will be offered for community members to participate

Anugerah Hijau 2016 Judging and Awards Ceremony, 15th October, White Room, Publika Solaris

Anugerah Hijau 2016 Judging and Awards Ceremony, 15th October, White Room, Publika SolarisEcoKnights’ flagship program for youth empowerment and environmentalist, Anugerah Hijau, is back for its 8th year. After running a successful workshop for the top ten national finalists this past July, we are excited to get all of them together again to determine who will walk away as champion of the green school in the country. Anugerah Hijau is all about empowering youths to take a creative and proactive approach to transforming their school to be more sustainable. More information about Anugerah Hijau can be obtained from www.anugerahhijau.my.

Youth Conference on Sustainable Consumption in partnership with WWF-Malaysia, November (TDB), Klang Valley

WWF-MalaysiaDetails will be coming soon but we are super excited to be partnering with WWF-Malaysia to bring to you a youth conference on sustainable consumption. It’s about time we raise the challenge for the Gen Y Malaysians to start playing active roles in changing the way their campuses, schools, and homes, operate and eventually, contributing to making the country more resilient towards environmental challenges. More information will come your way. So watch this space.

Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp, November (TBD), Johor Bharu

Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp, November (TBD), Johor BharuCalling all youths in Johor Bahru! For the third year in a row, we will be organizing the Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp this November. Plans are on the way to formulate this year’s camp modules and we will be announcing the call for applications very soon. If you’re not familiar with our Knights of Nature program, check it out at www.knightsofnature.my.

EcoKnights Intern’s Testimonial

Nurfarhani IrfanNurfarhani Irfan

A one-month internship seemed like a no-brainer to me. I would just come to the office and do my work for about 20 plus days, and after that resume my life as usual. Truthfully, in my first week at EcoKnights, I was surprised when Jae Mie (an ex intern) seemed sad that she was leaving EcoKnights. The work was manageable, the people were quite friendly but I did not yet feel the love towards the office. Fast forward 4 weeks in, everything changed.

Right now I am sitting at my place in the office, trying to form coherent thoughts and translate it into written words on the screen. Struggling to remember everything that I gained here and some. And I found the main point to talk about : the people here at EK-MENGO office.

Fadly, the person who interviewed me and who initially seemed quite intimidating, hence I was flabbergasted when I got to know his nickname was ‘Fabs’. Firm when discussing about work and responsibilities, Fabs taught me to always be organised and efficient in dealing with my duties, to think two, three steps ahead and to always be firm with my stand. And for that, he has earned my respect.

Yasmin, the ever gorgeous President of EcoKnights and Chairperson of MENGO. Wow, I was truly inspired by this energetic and intelligent person. Her dedication and willpower in fighting for what she believes in, which was ultimately saving the environment, shone through her actions and words. Not to mention being the mother of two beautiful daughters, I cannot help but become motivated to become a person as outstanding as her one day.

Awang, a fantastic event organizer whom I had the pleasure to work with. I am going to miss his sarcastic sense of humour, bubbly attitude and friendly manner. During the trip to Cameron Highlands, we were definitely unprepared for the event, but Awang coordinated everything so smoothly, even to the extent that he wrote the event flow on the floor because there was no whiteboard! Talk about being innovative.

Jae Mie, the first person I met when I came for the interview with Fabs. A really pretty girl who’s awesome at photography and English, I bid you all the best for your future undertakings. Wish we could have worked together longer.

Wan, the intern who I met for just a week and is going to further his studies at the University of Liverpool. He is probably one of the funniest person that I’ve ever met, and he brightened up the office with his happy-go-lucky attitude and really lame pick-up lines. I look forward to seeing you in the UK and congratulations for making it to where you are now.

Syira, my colleague in handling the films for KLEFF 2016. Oh my, we even stayed up until the middle of the night at Cameron Highlands to amend the unrelenting film screening schedule! A really good friend, with the same taste in music, and not to mention her really funny ‘melatah’ habit, kudos to you and me for managing all the films hahaha.

Atiqah, the really tall girl who showed me around the office on the first day that I was here. Her amusing antics with Jeremy, calling each other ‘stupid’ (jokingly ofc) never fails to make my day. A hard worker with a friendly character, all the best for your course in international relations!

Jeremy, the superbly humorous guys who likes to make the funniest memes and is constantly obsessed with Pokemon Go. Keep on brightening everyone’s day with your incessantly ‘stupid’ jokes. Nabs, a firm and strong independent woman, I definitely admire your way of handling things especially since you have so much work to do. You delegate tasks to us with the ease of a born leader. With so much on your plate, you are still willing to do other people’s work with the aim of getting the job done. I am sure you would go a long way in life.

Lhava, a capable toastmaster and diligent person, Anna, a fantabulous girl with an extremely infectious laugh and adventurous streak, Asma, a super nice girl who loves diving (WOW), Yeo, a quiet and charming man who can drive a manual (SUPERB), Jijuy, the amazing designer and to everyone else that I have not mentioned, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my internship at EcoKnights such a memorable one. Hopefully in the future I can come back and serve you guys longer. Till then, sayonara and all the best for KLEFF 2016!

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