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January 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

It’s a new year and we are gearing up to serve communities, near or far, to inspire them to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily lives. Thank you for all your support for 2015, and we hope to work closely with you to effectively deliver engaging and inclusive programs that will assist communities, government agencies and also other NGOs in addressing sustainable development.

With this, here’s a warm welcome to usher in 2016, and it will start to get warm soon with the El Nino coming to take effect. Meanwhile, do stay tune to regular updates on our efforts and programs through our website and also via our official Facebook.

Upcoming EcoKnights Programs

The 9th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival is now calling for Entries

The 9th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival is now calling for EntriesEcoKnights annually organizes a non-profit environmental film festival as a platform for Malaysians to be engaged in environmental issues through the power of audio-visual materials. Be it film, art exhibitions, performances or workshops, the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) is gradually gaining traction as a home grown name in environmental advocacy. KLEFF is currently calling for films from international and local film makers. If you have an urgent environmental story to share, submit your film today. More information can be obtained at www.kleff.my

Environmental Talks in High Schools and Universities

Environmental Talks in High Schools and UniversitiesEK is gearing itself up to reach out to more youths in the country through its education and awareness program. Whether they are in high schools or universities, EK endeavours to enrich school and university students with engaging talks (film screening is an option too) to enhance their (youth) understanding on environmental issues – near and far.

Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp 2016

Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp 2016EK’s signature and annual sustainable camp series is about to roll out and we are not calling for partnerships and sponsorships to make these camps a reality for the youths of Malaysia. If you are interested to explore possible CSR partnership and collaboration in this camp, send us an email at info@ecoknights.org.my.

Corporate Partnership in EK’s Flagship Event – the Green Market

Corporate Partnership in EK’s Flagship Event – the Green MarketThis year, EK will be focusing on supporting and enhancing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Number 12, which is responsible consumerism. One of the key platforms the country needs is a marketplace that promotes sustainable production and consumption. The Green Market is an event crafted to promote responsible consumerism. We are now calling for partners to participate and also promote the Green Market to a wider audience. Be it in Penang, KL or JB, we are interested to develop working relationships with brands to encourage consumers to be more aware of the impact of their purchases on the environment. Talk to us today by dropping us an email at info@ecoknights.org.my.

EcoKnights in the News


December 30th, 2015 – Malaysia's environmental state - 2015 At a Glance. | Written by Yasmin Rasyid. A letter to the editor written by the president to summarize 2015’s state of environment in Malaysia.

January 4th, 2016 - Environmentalist Yasmin Rasyid, the fixer who gets things moving. | Written by Brenda Ch’ng, The Star.


January 5th, 2016 – Vice President of EcoKnights, Amlir Ayat was interview on Astro Awani on the recent concerns about the impact of bauxite mining on the environment in Pahang.


January 7th, 2016 – Mars in Pahang? | A radio interview by Durian Asean with vice president of EcoKnights, Amlir Ayat on the rampant bauxite mining in Pahang.

January 10th, 2016 – Malaysia’s Environment in 2015 and 2016. | Radio interview with president of EcoKnights, Yasmin Rasyid by Traxx FM (DJ Nigel).


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EcoKnights is a non-for-profit environmental organization registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia. EcoKnights' core focus areas are in environmental education and awareness using innovative and creative platforms. More information about EcoKnights can be obtained from www.ecoknights.org.my.
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