What's up with the sun? - 'Human activity cause of weather woes'

Several factors have contributed to the current erratic weather, most of them brought on by ourselves. - Photo by Suparerg SuksaiSeveral factors have contributed to the current erratic weather, most of them brought on by ourselves. - Photo by Suparerg Suksai

By AUDREY VIJAINDREN - February 27, 2019 @ 8:30am

KUALA LUMPUR: SEVERAL factors have contributed to the current erratic weather, most of them brought on by ourselves.

EcoKnights president Yasmin Rasyid said while global carbon emissions or CO2 concentrations might be a factor, human activity was the main culprit. 

“Anthropogenic, meaning human activity, is shown to be the reason we are in this predicament. Man-made factors are the reasons the weather is unpredictable,” said the non-governmental organisation’s head.

“The bottom line is that human activities have and are contributing to the erratic weather from traffic congestion to land clearing to bad water management to pollution. 

“If we want our weather to get better, human activities that are polluting the environment need to be reduced.”

Yasmin said there were ways to solve the problem, one of which was driving less.

“Drive less, throw less, consume with care, buy what you can consume, no wastage, don’t burn rubbish, go back to doing the basic things we should be doing responsibly at home and at work.”

She said for kids who were learning about the concept of global warming, this was the best time to educate them.

“Since a majority of public schools are gearing up for sports (activities), pack loads of water, chilled water, for them as they will be exposed to the sun.

“Get a good vacuum flask 

(and fill it with water) and 

make sure the children stay hydrated. 

“One of the dilemmas is that sports activities at schools are conducted in 

the evening, while lessons are done in the morning.”

She said schools must adapt and conduct sports activities in the morning and classes in the evening.

Parent Pressana Pillai, 45, said in the past, children were used to hot weather, but kids nowadays were too accustomed with playing with their gadgets in air-conditioned rooms.

“Their bodies are not accustomed to the change in weather.

“They are pampered, but it is not their fault.

“We (parents) have sheltered them to the point their bodies can’t adapt to it.”

Father of two Kenny Tan, 39, said his son had been using a mist spray to cool him down.

“We (parents) are worried, and try to give our children whatever is needed. I told my son to drink lots of water. But today (yesterday), he told me that the school’s (in Subang Jaya) canteen and toilets ran out of water.

“Are the school’s authorities waiting for an untoward  incident to occur before ensuring proper safety measures are adhered to? Not all of us can afford to send our children to private schools. The basics (such as water) should be provided in public schools.”

Environmentalist Amlir Ayat echoed Yasmin’s opinion.

“Drink a lot of water, especially if you are involved in strenuous outdoor activities. You should also wear loose and light coloured clothes.

“Plan your activities well. Reduce outdoor activities, especially during the day. Be informed of the latest news on the weather and educate yourself on the reason behind the heat wave.”

He said although there was no official statement from the Meteorological Department since early last month suggesting that the drastic change in weather could be the result of tropical storm Pabuk from Thailand, it was understood that the condition was aggravated by factors, such as “urban heat island” and air pollution.

“In general, aggressive anthropogenic activities or lifestyles have contributed to the current weather condition.”


Source: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2019/02/464153/whats-sun-human-activity-cause-weather-woes


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