More brickbats for Negeri local authorities for polluted monsoon drain


SEREMBAN, Feb 14, 2015:

More brickbats are being directed towards the Negeri Sembilan local authorities, this time from non-governmental organisations (NGO), following their failure to maintain a monsoon drain in Seremban town.

The rubbish laden drain located along Jalan Tuanku Munawir — close to the state’s Environmental Department (DoE) — flows into Sungai Linggi and is among the causes contributing to the river’s pollution.

“This is clearly a case of lack of enforcement despite the public complaining,” EcoKnights president Yasmin Rasyid said to The Rakyat Post.

Adding that she was not surprised that the drain was among the contributing factors to the deterioration of Sungai Linggi, she said the DoE should also buck up.

“This is no surprise that one of the contributors to the deterioration of Sungai Linggi is from the bad management of tributaries such as this drain, which eventually flows and connects to the river.”

Calling on the department to conduct regular monitoring and ensuring fines are dished out to culprits, Yasmin called on the local authorities to be on the alert to such incidences.

“But first, DOE must wake up to this eyesore and address it with the communities.

“I’m appalled because this shows the tidak apa (never mind) attitude of certain authorities, and as a result, taints the name of the department.”

Yasmin said  if all quarters could just focus on doing what their job entailed, then the problem would not have happened in the first place.

The eye sore in the drain stems from a fan filtering mechanism installed in December last year alongside the drain.

The mechanism, connected to rubbish containers, is supposed to clean up the rubbish and water in the drain.

The rubbish is supposed to be removed regularly but it is apparent that this is not being done, leading locals to fume at the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities.

Adding that dumping anything solid or toxic into a river is a recipe for disaster, Shah Alam Trees For Life adviser Datin Rossiti Rashidi said this problem was not only persistent in Negeri Sembilan, but in Shah Alam as well.

“The general public seems to think someone else will clear their rubbish. City councils need feedback from the public, too. It’s a two-way system if we want a clean city. The council for public and public for the council.” she said.

She also urged locals in Seremban to be vocal as the voice of the people would mobilise the council.

Meanwhile, Negeri Sembilan Department of Environment director Roslan Mohamad said although the drain was not under the jurisdiction of the department, the DoE would work with the local authorities to solve the conundrum.

“We regret that such an incident has happened. We will be working closely with the local council to sort this mess.”

“I also urge locals to cooperate by not throwing rubbish,” he said, adding that the incident should not have occurred.

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