EcoKnights and Genovasi talked Langkawi Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp 2015 at Traxx FM.

On May 5, Fazira Kamilan of EcoKnights, the camp coordinator of Langkawi Knights of Nature Sustainability camp 2015 joined Traxx FM for a live interview to discuss about the youth camp that will be held at Langkawi on 21-24 May.

She was also joined by Azman Ismail, Program Manager and Innovation Alchemist of Genovasi, who will be partnering with EcoKnights at the 4 days/3 nights camp.

In the live interview, Fazira first talked about her own experience working with EcoKnights, and how much exposure she obtained while working with the organization. She further explained that this camp will be the fourth sustainability camp organized by EcoKnights, but the first one to be held at Langkawi. The basic premise of this camp is to emphasize the importance of the role of youths in environmental sustainability. With camp like this, the youth can share their vision, and creativity in addressing environmental issues.

Genovasi will be responsible in exposing youths to the methodology called, “design thinking,” i.e. the participants will be able to learn Genovasi’s way of problem-solving.

The 24 participants of this camp have already been selected based on creativity, personal experience, and plans for future environmental projects. The camp will be held at the camping grounds of The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa. More information on the Langkawi Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp 2015 can be found at

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