Growing positive impact in organizational culture!

Is your organization looking to support, fund or participate in impactful social responsibility programs? Looking for meaningful employee engagement programs that can transform your employee's experience to embrace and practice sustainability at work and at home?

If you're looking at designing or organizing any impact-driven CSR initiatives within your company, and fulfilling strong employee engagement initiatives, this would be the perfect opportunity for your company to nurture and create a positive culture from within.

Partnering with EcoKnights will help you achieve this goal through this catalogue of our initiatives and programs in which your organization can support in growing its impacts, enhance its potential values in sustainability while making sure you create an inclusive and diverse environment for employee engagement.

For more inquiries or further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Public Outreach Officer, Mok Yi Ying at or +60377318361 (during weekday working hours only).

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