Kokedama-making – Junior Rangers Learn the Craft of Japanese Moss Balls

by Mariane Khoo

30th June 2019 (Sunday) – EcoKnights’ GParks Rangers programme (the collaborative environmental education initiative with Gamuda Land for children) wrapped up June with another workshop – Kokedama-making after the two workshops conducted at Gamuda Jade Hills. 36 Junior Rangers joined this simple yet engaging activity at Taman Tugu from 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m., where they learnt the craft of Kokedama, or Japanese “moss balls”. Kokedama is a creative method of growing and displaying houseplants, whereby a plant is set in a soil ball, covered with moss and secured with twine. Once completed, it is a beautiful addition to the home, and not only creates a greener living space, but also improves indoor air quality. Parents and children alike were eager to learn how to create their own moss balls, moulding their soil balls with the utmost focus and asking many questions about the process and aftercare of the plants.

It was very encouraging to see the warm reception toward this workshop, and hopefully, the Kokedama which each child brought home will be a beautiful reminder of the importance of a greener Mother Earth! Through such workshop and the GParks Ranger programme, EcoKnights hopes to instil an eco-conscious mindset within the younger generation starting young age. If you are a parent interested in engaging your child in similar workshops, head over to www.gparksranger.com and register them today! You will receive exclusive invitations to free eco-workshops, activities and field trips every month. If not, just follow EcoKnights on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates!

Kokedama 1aKokedama 1bKokedama 2aParents and children making their Kokedama.Parents and children making their Kokedama.

Group photo after the workshop.Group photo after the workshop.

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