Upcycling Magazines into Drink Coasters with BISKL

by Mariane Khoo

20th June 2019 (Thursday) – EcoKnights was invited to conduct a coaster-making workshop for 9 – 10-year olds at the British International School Kuala Lumpur (BISKL). The session was held at the BSKL Primary Campus for 14 students, as part of their recycling enrichment class. The children and teachers alike had a fun and engaging time learning how to make drink coasters from unwanted magazines. Glossy magazine paper and similar materials are difficult to recycle due to its hard-to-remove coating. Hence, upcycling is a good way to repurpose this kind of waste before throwing them away.

The process of creating the coasters was simple but challenging as it required plenty of focus and patience, which the students possessed in abundance! By the end of the short session, the students were showing off their progress to each other and sharing their plans to continue their coaster making at home.

BISKL 1cBISKL 1bBISKL 1aKnights and students getting their hands gluey creating the drink coasters together.Knights and students getting their hands gluey creating the drink coasters together.

Everyone with their magazine-paper-based coasters.Everyone with their magazine-paper-based coasters.

Through such a workshop, EcoKnights hopes that a highly eco-consciousness mindset can be instilled within the younger generation from a young age. EcoKnights applauds BISKL for their initiative of integrating sustainability-related learning into their curriculum through these enrichment classes, and thank them for having EcoKnights help with this week’s class and help contribute to change. Interested in such a workshop or other eco-themed events, such as talks and carnivals, for corporate or personal events? Contact EcoKnights via info@ecoknights.org.my or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates.


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