HSBC Eco Day at Taman Tugu

by Leonie Schulz

15th June 2019 (Saturday) – In collaboration with Friends of Taman Tugu, EcoKnights organized the activity packed “HSBC Eco Day” for 500 HSBC employees and their family members. The event followed the objective of exposing participants to more sustainable alternatives to daily essentials and practices. 

From the morning onwards, participants had the opportunity to join four different workshops through on-site registration which included Seedbomb-making, DIY Self-watering System, Black Soldier Fly Composting and DIY Sugar Scrub. Each of the workshops was attended by 50 people who showed a high level of enthusiasm and curiosity during the hands-on activities. All workshops followed the goal of engaging the employees and families in simple do-it-yourself activities to demonstrate how easy it is to integrate more sustainable practices into their day-to-day life. People of all ages were able to join and to bring home their workshop outcomes. 

Besides a giant Jenga game, an open yoga session for the public offered visitors the possibility to stretch and relax in the middle of nature. Other than that, participants had the chance to follow a 45 minutes-long guided forest walking tour, led by Friends of Taman Tugu. Spending time outside in nature can be important to realize its beauty and recognize why it is important to protect it and treat it well. Integrating such small things into our daily routine which do not require much effort can result in big achievements. 

To call it a day, there were pre-packed lunch boxes in reusable food containers from Suka Suka. “Tapao”ing our food reduces single-use packaging and might even decrease the amount of food waste if everyone take home their leftovers. EcoKnights hereby thank all parties involved for the great day and hope to collaborate more in the future. 

Personnel or organisations may also reach out EcoKnights via if they are interested in organizing an event similar to the HSBC Eco Day, or just a particular workshop for corporate or personal purposes. Do follow EcoKnights on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates too!

Participants at the Black Soldier Fly Composting WorkshopParticipants at the Black Soldier Fly Composting Workshop

The outcomes of the DIY Sugar Scrub WorkshopThe outcomes of the DIY Sugar Scrub Workshop

HSBC employees with their Self-watering SystemHSBC employees with their Self-watering System

Pre-packed lunch boxes in reusable food containers!Pre-packed lunch boxes in reusable food containers!

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