Eco-Booth Engagement at DiGi’s Environmental Day

by Leonie Schulz

31 May 2019 (Friday) – EcoKnights joined a range of green businesses to promote environmental awareness at DiGi Telecommunications’ Environmental Day, which was held in conjunction with the United Nations (UN)-sanctioned World Environment Day on the 5th of June. The event, held at DiGi headquarters in Subang Jaya, had the objective of enhancing eco-consciousness among DiGi employees, and illustrated DiGi’s stand on working for a more sustainable future.

The day’s events featured a mini green market made up of multiple green businesses, vendors and NGOs which DiGi staff could visit throughout the day. At the EcoKnights booth, a range of eco-products and merchandise was sold, including metal and bamboo straws, DIY soap bars, desktop plants, aromatherapy sets and handmade baskets, while information was shared with the visitors on the benefits of the products, the EcoKnights organization, and activities conducted by EcoKnights. Through such an engagement, it was hoped that participants picked up green-living ideas and became more conscious about reducing negative environmental impacts through simple every-day choices.

EcoKnights’ booth also highlighted the GParks Ranger Programme, an environmental education initiative by EcoKnights, supported by Gamuda Land, which aims to instil environmental awareness and empowerment in the younger generation. The programme is targeted at children aged 5 – 12, whereby they will become GParks Junior Rangers upon registration, and receive exclusive invitations to free environmental-themed workshops.


DiGi staffs visited EcoKnights’ booth and learnt about eco-productsDiGi staffs visited EcoKnights’ booth and learnt about eco-products

DiGi staffs signed their children up for the GParks Rangers programmeDiGi staffs signed their children up for the GParks Rangers programme

The event was a great way to increase awareness on sustainability issues, and it was extremely encouraging to see corporate companies initiating such efforts, and their respective staff embracing such efforts. For more information on partnership possibilities for eco-events, workshops, booths or talks, feel free to reach out to EcoKnights via or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates. Parents, if you are interested in signing your kids up for our GParks Rangers Programme, please visit or contact Ms. Fara at for more information.

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