Malaysian Nature Society’s “Birds of The Forests of Peninsular Malaysia” Photographic Guide Book Launched at TTDI

by Wong Jun Hao

4th May 2019, Kuala Lumpur – The knights spent a pleasant morning at the WIM building, TTDI, as EcoKnights was invited to the book launch of Rosli Omar’s “Birds of the Forests of Peninsular Malaysia” photographic guide. The launch saw more than 90 people in attendance, including bird enthusiasts and the public alike.

Poster for the Book Launch eventPoster for the Book Launch event

The event started early in the morning with an official opening speech, followed by the launching of the book. Then, Dr. David Wells, a renowned bird expert, was invited to the stage to give a talk titled, “What are they doing and where are they going? A few ideas about forest birds arising from long-term field studies in Malaysia.” Dr. Wells’s talk covered topics such as his field study experience in Malaysia, his observation of lowland bird migration to the highlands, and how individual isolated forest reserves are having a negative impact on bird species that are specialized. The talk resonated well with the crowd as a lot of comments and distinctive feedback poured in from the floor, keeping the conversation alive for a stretch of time. Before the session came to an end, the EcoKnights staff were invited to the stage to promote our 2019 Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, themed “Climate Action…Now!”, and showcased two films about birds. The day ended with a networking session, with people mingling about while getting their hands on the photographic guide.

The event was a success, both in terms of the launching of the book as well as EcoKnights’s promotion of the 2019 KLEFF. The books were well received by the crowd, as they were completely sold out by the end of the event. EcoKnights’s promotion of KLEFF did well too, wherein we received enquiries about the films. Apart from that, EcoKnights was able to conduct some fundraising from the booth.

It was, all in all, a worthwhile morning spent, and EcoKnights would like to express gratitude to Malaysian Nature Society in allowing EcoKnights to be a part of their book launch to promote 2019 KLEFF. The knights certainly look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate and improve the shared efforts to mobilize the public in caring more for the environment.

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