A Delightful Soap-making Session with Wong & Partners

by Wong Jun Hao

22nd April 2019, Kuala Lumpur – EcoKnights team brought the soap making workshop to Wong & Partners and provided their employees the opportunity to learn hands on, making soap from used cooking oil. The workshop covered the process of upcycling used cooking oil, that are normally considered as waste, and served as a reminder that living sustainably can be an interesting lifestyle option.

The workshop was conducted successfully. All 30 employees fully enjoyed the process. They followed the procedures diligently and raised interesting questions regarding the precautions proactively. EcoKnights would like to extend the gratification to Wong & Partners, for their effort to enrich employee’s welfare by providing them meaningful program, which allowed EcoKnights to reach out working individuals who might not often have the leisure to discover how sustainable living can be just as creative and fun.

Anyone interested in getting similar workshops as part of your CSR program, kindly contact to enquire more at info@ecoknights.org.my or +(603)-7731 8361. Keep yourself updated by following Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @EcoKnights!

Soap-making in process.Soap-making in process.

Group photo after the workshopGroup photo after the workshop