Enhancing Employee Eco-Consciousness at TIME dotCom

by Mariane Khoo

23rd of April 2019, Kuala Lumpur - EcoKnights was invited to give an eco-talk to TIME dotCom employees as part of their green-awareness event, TIME Environment Day - Baby steps to #DOTHEGREENTHING. 30 participants attended the event which consisted of the talk and a mini green market. The theme of the one-hour eco-talk was sustainability, focusing on the issue of waste. The talk also included two short films to deepen participants’ understanding and concern about the problem. Overall, the participants learnt about the impacts of wasteful habits and the importance of waste segregation, and how they can be greener in their daily lives. Hopefully, walking away from the talk, they were much more aware and moved to adopt more sustainable practices.

EcoKnights also opened a booth at the mini green market, where we sold a range of eco-products and merchandise, including metal and bamboo straws, DIY soap and desktop plants, in order to encourage participants to start practising greener lifestyles and to raise funds for  EcoKnights’ activities.

Overall, the event was a good way to enhance awareness on sustainability, and it is very encouraging to see corporate companies putting effort into making their employees more eco-conscious. Interested in an eco-talk or workshop for corporate or personal events? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates or contact us via info@ecoknights.org.my.

Mr. Fadly Bakhtiar giving eco-talk to the employees.Mr. Fadly Bakhtiar giving eco-talk to the employees.