Soap-making workshop with Starbucks Malaysia at YWCA

by Raisalih Juhan

20th April 2019 (Saturday), Kuala Lumpur – EcoKnights members was invited by Starbucks Malaysia to organize a soap-making workshop using used cooking oil. 30 participants joined this workshop in conjunction of Starbucks Malaysia Global Month of Good that was held at the YWCA.

During the workshop, EcoKnights members have introduced to the participants some about the River of Life Project (ROL) to bring awareness and exposure to the general public about the condition of our rivers around city centre. EcoKnights officer then started to explain about how cooking oil can pollute our rivers and what we can do with our used cooking oil instead of just throwing it into our sinks, which later will end up in our sewer systems and rivers.

This already mainstream behaviour towards our rivers and of waste management does take time to change, but slowly we can make a difference if we start to practice some of the simplest action now, as simple as throwing our rubbish into the garbage bin and not the rivers. This is Ecoknights’ initiative and action towards our river, what’s yours? 

Photo 1. EcoKnights officer explain about steps in soap-making.Photo 1. EcoKnights officer explain about steps in soap-making.

Photo 2. Soap-making in process.Photo 2. Soap-making in process.

Photo 3. Group photo after the workshop.Photo 3. Group photo after the workshop.