Breaking Another Record for Log Boom Clean-Up at PPR Sri Terengganu

by Raisalih Juhan

9 March 2019 (Saturday), Sentul - 26 volunteers from Sukan Anggota Kerajaan Malaysia (MAKSAK) engaged in a River Log Boom Clean Up activity under the River of Life Outreach Programme (ROLPOP) at one of the Gombak River. The activity was facilitated by the EcoKnights team.

The Log Boom Clean-Up began with separating the volunteers into groups of three. The first group was given the task of collecting the trash from the log boom and bring it to the segregation area. The second group was then in charge of segregating the trash and pass them to the third group for weighing and recording. After an hour of collecting, segregating and weighing, the team managed to collect a total of 930.50 kg of trash.

Category of wasteWeight(Kg.)
Organic 192.60
Plastic 109.90
Paper 4.20
Cloth 4.00
Metal 3.80
Misc 66.20
Unsegregated 549.80

This 930.5 kg of waste has broken the previous record of 510 kg of waste collected in the same log boom. “This is only one log boom and we almost reach a ton. Now imagine if all log booms around Kuala Lumpur have to be cleaned every day, how many wastes do you think we are producing and throwing directly or indirectly into the rivers every day?”, said Fadly Bakhtiar, EcoKnights Programme Director. With that being said, public enrolment in river clean up activities help them to realise the seriousity of the pollution.

After the clean up, EcoKnights members conducted a mudball-making session and shared with the volunteers how mudball can help treating the chemicals in the rivers. The programme ended with mudball throwing activity.

During and after the clean up. During and after the clean up.

Volunteers segregating the collected waste.Volunteers segregating the collected waste.

Ecoknights team member conducting the mudball workshop.Ecoknights team member conducting the mudball workshop.

Group photo after the clean upGroup photo after the clean up

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