Log Boom Clean Up at PPR Seri Terengganu

by Ain Yezid

Thursday, 24th January 2019 – We started off this year with a Log Boom River Clean Up activity in conjunction with the River of Life Public Outreach Programme (RoLPOP) at one of the river tributaries located near PPR Seri Terengganu, Sentul.

There were 12 students from KUPTM and 3 students from UPM volunteered in this program which was facilitated by the EcoKnights team members. Also, attending the event was Alena Murang, who did a video photoshoot for her KL Rivers video and Mr. Wan Marhafidz the Deputy Director of River Basin Management from the Department of Irrigation and Drainage addressing the current situation of the river and the efforts done by DID to clean the river.

The session started off with the volunteers divided into three groups, consisting of; Cleanup process, trash segregating and weighing of materials. The trashes were then collected and segregated in a 1-hour session, where 73% were organic waste, 21% plastic, 4% misc and 1% for paper, clothes and metal were identified. Making the total trash collected that day was 246.9kg!

Apart from going down getting dirty and inhaling the pungent smell coming from the pile of trash, all the volunteers were able to experience and learn about the current condition of our river today. One of the students expressed how this program make them more conscious about the environment than before. 

Data Collection from the trash segregation and weighingData Collection from the trash segregation and weighing

Trash segregation and collecting activityTrash segregation and collecting activity

Mudball throwingMudball throwing

Participants group photoParticipants group photo

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