EcoKnights Kick-Start 2019 with Nissan Nurtures Nature

EcoKnights continues their pursuit of educating the public about turning waste into little self-watering terrariums through Nissan Nurtures Nature with Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) and Nissan Malaysia on the 12th and 13th of January 2019 at the ETCM showroom in Muar, Johor.

The event took place alongside the Nissan Test Drive Day in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year. As before, EcoKnights was directly involved with ETCM’s eco-campaign, in the herbs planting activity by conducting a workshop to teach the public on how to make their own self-watering systems. The objective of this herbs planting activity is to inform and edify the public about better methods to reuse unwanted plastic bottles instead of simply discarding them, by turning them into makeshift “pots” for plants and presenting the opportunity for them to green their homes.

The DIY Self-Watering Systems workshop experienced a constant flow of participants during both the days, ranging from kids as young as four or five to adults. ETCM has once again shown their support by providing more than sufficient plastic bottles to be used in the workshop. Most of the 70 over participants had so much fun making themselves their own customized DIY self-watering systems that they decided to make a few more using the three available herbs, namely thyme, sweet basil, and lemon balm. Not only did they leave with new plants, they also left with new-found enthusiasm and ideas on how to incorporate and apply their knowledge in their homes and workspaces.

An EcoKnights team member with the participants.An EcoKnights team member with the participants.

Younger participants happy with their work!Younger participants happy with their work!

Lion Dance performance at ETCM MuarLion Dance performance at ETCM Muar

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