EcoKnights Publishes Internship Impact Survey Report

Dec 15th 2018, Kuala Lumpur – Fourteen year old not-for-profit environmental organization, EcoKnights, publishes its first internship impact report generated from surveys among all its interns from the period of 2016 to 2018.

Thirty interns who completed their internship with EcoKnights completed an assessment survey that serves three key objectives which are:

  1. To provide baseline information on the current internship program.
  2. To understand the experiences of EcoKnights interns
  3. To develop an understanding of the needs of the organization, and the needs of the interns, with a specific focus on the improvement of the experience for both parties.

pdfThe full impact report can be downloaded here.391.62 KB

In summary, 96.7% of the respondents rated the internship a valuable experience related to their academic studies. The same percentage also noted that internship experienced provided them with the opportunity that enabled them to apply the knowledge and skills they learned through their college/university course work.

The top three highest ranked skills gained through the EcoKnights internship program included communication, project management and soft skills such as teamwork, self-resiliency, leadership and critical thinking. Sixty (60%) percent of the respondents noted that their academic institution prepared them for their internship at EcoKnights. And 86.7% of the respondents indicated that their internship experienced helped prepare them for their career preparation, studies or projects.

Founder and EcoKnights president, Yasmin Rasyid, said, “Our internship program has evolved a lot from those early days and we strive to ensure that we provide an immersive, practical experience for the young university students, to apply their knowledge, to interact and engage in problem-solving, and to also be inspired to lead others. The survey helps us understand if our program is making any impact, and if it is, in what ways, and if we can fine tune our approaches, then we hope that we can ensure that our internship program provides a holistic, integrated inter-, trans-, and multi-disciplinary experience for all aspiring leaders in and outside this country.”

University students who are keen to be part of the EcoKnights internship program can inquire within by sending a cover letter, and your latest resume to Nurul Nabila at

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