Security Commissions Sustainability Day 2018

11th August 2018, Kuala Lumpur - On 1st and 2nd August 2018, EcoKnights organized a few staff engagement activities with Security Commissions Malaysia in conjunction with their Sustainability Day 2018 on educating about environmental awareness and sustainable practices in reducing waste.

Firstly, a composting workshop by EcoKnights was held for 30 employees of Security Commissions Malaysia with a purpose of educating and deliver messages to the participants on composts and any problem arise during composting process in order to encourage them to continuously doing composting to reduce household waste and save our environment. In the late evening, EcoKnights’ President, Puan Yasmin Rasyid gave a talk – ‘Why I Should Care About Sustainability’ with the employees, sharing on the urgency of individuals playing their own roles to create sustainability.

On the second day, the employees attended a film screening session which screened two films from the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2017 – ‘Straws’ and ‘Change Is Now’. Both films were then curated by Puan Yasmin Rasyid in order to spread the awareness in how harmful straws and other plastic items are to the environment and for everyone to make a simple change in their lifestyle.


Participants listening to the theoretical part of the composting workshop before having hands-on experience in doing compost with a small container and simple waste as a starter kit.

Security Commissions Malaysia employees with their compost model.Security Commissions Malaysia employees with their compost model.


Puan Yasmin Rasyid giving her talk on sustainability to the employees.

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