Selangor Garbage to Garden (G2G) Programme: Monitoring Phase Found A Positive Progress by Participants

g2g0130th July 2018, Selangor - On 11th and 21st July, EcoKnights conducted a monitoring phase for the Selangor Garbage to Garden (G2G) programme in collaboration with the Environmental and Green Technology committee of Selangor State Government. The site visits covered a total of 7 participants’ houses around Selangor.

g2g02The respondents are participants from the G2G composting workshops held in April and May. The respondents were randomly selected by EcoKnights to assist in the data collection regarding their composting project using EcoKnights compost bins sponsored by the Selangor State Government.

The purpose of the monitoring is to observe the participants’ commitment, level of understanding and progress of their compost. Other than observing the compost, EcoKnights officers advised the participants on any problems arise during the composting process in order to make it convenient for them to continue composting. From the site visits conducted, most of the participants applied the composting techniques and the carbon-nitrogen ratio taught by EcoKnights during the workshop, with some of them also doing other types of composting such as bokashi. 

g2g03Among the wastes composted are vegetables, fruits, fruit peels, eggshells and garden wastes (dried leaves, fallen sticks). Some participants also put in meat and coffee ground into their compost. It is found that the coffee ground helps to reduce the foul smell from the compost. Most of the compost have already been done for about 2 till 3 months and are almost ready to be used a fertilizer in powder form. 

Out of 7 compost bins, 6 of them were found to have black soldier flies and their larvae, in which their presence indicate a good composting progress. Moreover, the participants observed that the plants around their compost have flourished due to the liquid fertilizer produced and seeped into their garden throughout the composting process.

The monitoring phase will continue until mid-August with more site visits. EcoKnights would like to thank the G2G participants for continuing their effort in composting and helping out in the monitoring phase.

Content of the composting bin by one of our respondent, consisting of organic waste and some cupboard to help reduce the smell.Content of the composting bin by one of our respondent, consisting of organic waste and some cupboard to help reduce the smell.

Presence of Black Soldier Fly inside composting bin.Presence of Black Soldier Fly inside composting bin.

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