SAGE Software partners EcoKnights to champion sustainability in SMEs

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sagelogoKuala Lumpur, 17 December 2014 – Sage Software Sdn Bhd, leading supplier of business management software, has joined forces with EcoKnights, Malaysian’s own not-for-profit environmental organisation, to champion sustainability within the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) sector.

Sage, with a core focus in providing business automation software to its customers, will leverage on EcoKnights’ expertise in sustainable living. Through this long-term partnership, Sage hopes to address the sustainability of business operations from different perspectives and to spread the message beginning with their large customer base.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with EcoKnights in our plans to help promote sustainability amongst SMEs. Sustainability is not simply recycling and reducing wastage. It is also realising how to optimise business processes by automating to improve efficiency, increase professionalism and reduce cost. The SME sector is the largest business group in our economy and spans across several industries. We believe that it is entirely possible for SMEs to adopt sustainable practices with help from experts such as EcoKnights,” said Sage Managing Director, Michael Cho.

Embodying sustainable practices, Sage Software recently adopted a change in packaging and product form which birthed the idea of partnering EcoKnights. Two of Sage’s most popular products – Sage UBS and Sage 50 – have made the switch from compact discs (CDs) to re-usable card USBs. This is in-line with Sage’s move towards reducing non-reusable products such as CDs.

As part of the partnership, for every sale of the software on re-usable card USBs, Sage will contribute to EcoKnights for their sustainability project in the near future.

“We are delighted to have found a like-minded partner in Sage. This collaboration is certainly in line with EcoKnights’ aim of developing effective engagement programmes on sustainability with the general public, and providing platforms where activities on sustainability can be shared with the masses,” explained its President and Executive Director, Yasmin Rasyid.

Cho explained, “Our partnership with EcoKnights is a mutually beneficial one. As we tap into EcoKnights’ resources, we are able to reach out to an audience that is a wide one. The action of bringing positive change is an initiative for companies to adopt. Modifying the way a business is run, adopting a mind-set that starts to think about how waste is discarded or how to reduce paper by business automation software, are all small but effective steps towards sustainability.”

Over the next one year, Sage and EcoKnights will also publish a series of articles, detailing how businesses can adopt practices in a move towards creating a more sustainable business environment.

The smart partnership between Sage and EcoKnights is expected to kick off with the first event in the first quarter of 2015.

For more information on Sage and Ecoknights, visit and

Photo-1Partners In Promoting Sustainability. Sage Software Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Michael Cho (left) and EcoKnights President and Executive Director, Yasmin Rasyid, agree that the two organisations jointly champion sustainability in the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) sector.

Photo-2Businesses can play a part in sustainability - Sage Software products in the form of re-usable card USBs, which now replace compact discs (CDs).

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Sage is a leading supplier of business management software and services headquartered in the United Kingdom. With over six million customers worldwide and more than 30 years experience, Sage Software is in the business of making it easier for companies (both start-ups and larger organisations) to manage their business processes. Its reputation of trust and reliability has made it the leader in its business with a strong presence globally.

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EcoKnights is a local non-profit environmental organisation that focuses on environmental education and outreach programmes for youths and communities. The official website is In the last eight years since it was established, EcoKnights has consistently worked with both government and corporate agencies in development community and school engagement programmes related to the environment.

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