Raising Awareness on Sustainability at HSBC #IChooseGreen Carnival

22 July 2018, Cyberjaya – On the 21st of July, EcoKnights was invited to HSBC’s #IChooseGreen Carnival in an effort to raise awareness and fundraise for important environmental issues.

As an event partner, EcoKnights opened a booth and conducted two film screening sessions. The team presented the organization’s activities as well as promoted green ideas in addition to our products like our DIY eco-enzymes and soaps. It was heart-warming to see the participants were interested and keen to implement these sustainable living practices.

One international film and two Malaysian films – ‘Change is Now’, ‘Mantanani’ and ‘Straws’, were featured during the film screening sessions. This session was an opportunity for EcoKnights to share information about waste reducing practices and the issue of plastic pollution. Adults and children alike enjoyed the films.

‘Change is Now’ highlighted the possible amount of waste generated daily through different lifestyle choices; ‘Mantanani’ showed the attempts of an NGO to encourage children to begin collecting waste from their island home; while “Straws” featured the history of straws and the impact of single-use plastic items on the environment. The atmosphere in the auditorium grew heavy when these serious environmental issues were shown on film.  

Although it was just a one-day carnival, we were glad to meet new faces and we hope that the information we shared was enough to raise awareness for these environmental issues and inspire more people to join us in implementing sustainable living practicing.

EcoKnights, together with other NGOs such as WWF, MNS, Zero Waste and others, were there to raise awareness and promote ideas.EcoKnights, together with other NGOs such as WWF, MNS, Zero Waste and others, were there to raise awareness and promote ideas.


Selling EcoKnights’ DIY products and succulent plants to raise funds for the organisation and its activities for the community.


A short curation was carried out after the film screenings by EcoKnights programme director, Fadly Bakhtiar.

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