Ramadhan and Green Lifestyle

Ramadhan is a special month in the Islamic calendar. It is not only about the fasting month, but it is also a great opportunity for everyone to be a better person because as a Muslim, we believe that various rewards are offered by the Almighty Allah in this glorious month. That’s why Ramadhan is familiar to be called as Madrasah (school) Ramadhan because it is a period for ourselves to learn on how to be a better person again.

As a Muslim, we are supposed to take a good care of this planet and it is our responsibility to ensure that the resources and environment are used in a sustainable manner. The month of Ramadhan is an opportunity to consider making our fasting experience a little more environment-friendly by adopting a greener lifestyle.

A greener lifestyle can be prompted by the application of sustainability in lifestyle choices and decisions during Ramadhan. We can raise awareness about environmental issues among family members and friends by practicing the 3Rs (reuse-recycle-reduce) lifestyle, avoiding unnecessary consumption, encouraging carpool lifestyle and using eco-friendly appliances. By doing this, we can help to protect the environment by reducing pollutants and also save on our expenses.

Water issue is one the pressing topics these days. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always remind us to not waste water during wudhu, even if we are sitting in a running river. All natural resources on Earth, like the human body, need some rest and fasting is a golden opportunity to enable natural resources and the environment to revive, restore, purify and renew.

In Malaysia, bazaars are the first thing that comes in mind during Ramadhan. Malaysia is well known with the great food. But sadly, we can observe that there are always food wasted during break fast. We tend to buy food based on what we want rather than what we need. The better way to observe Ramadhan is to practise moderation when buying food in the bazaars. By doing this, we are not only reducing food waste, but also saving our money for other purpose. For example, we can donate the money to the mosque or people in need. Charity in Ramadhan will give back big rewards from Allah, Insha’Allah. So please don’t miss this opportunity my friend. As for the food waste, we should start to manage them properly. One of the options is through composting as the saying goes, returning nature back to nature. The wasted food contain nutrients which are good for soil.

Let’s use the opportunity of the Ramadhan’s Barakah (bless) to minimize and overcome our environmental problems and Insha’Allah it will be counted as one of our good deeds to the world.


- written by Syazwan Latiwf

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