Syazwan Latiwf

syazwanSalam and hello there. I’m Syazwan Latiwf, a programme intern for EcoKnights from February 2018 until June 2018. I’m a Natural Resources student from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. Right now, I have completed my internship with EcoKights. It has been a really great experience to work with the EcoKnights team. The working environment is really supportive and help the interns in becoming someone who is more reliable.

Everything started when my lecturer shared her experience by joining one of the events conducted by EcoKnights. I became interested to get more ideas about EcoKnights and what are they working on. When I have to do an internship as my coursework, immediately I checked the website of EcoKnights and applied to undergo my internship with this awesome organization.

I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge and ideas with the public and by joining EcoKnights, they provided me a platform to interact with the community in order to spread awareness about the importance of sustaining our environment. Besides that, the EcoKnights team also show a great example about teamwork and the importance of knowledge in handling events. With their passion in promoting Green Lifestyle to the public, they managed to complete every event that they are supposed to do even with more than 3 events running at the same time. Through this, I learnt that time management is really important and it can be a valuable asset if we can master it really well.

Last but not least, I want to take this opportunity to thanke all my colleagues, especially our President, Mrs. Yasmin Rasyid and Mr. Fadly Bakhtiar by providing this opportunity for me to gain something valuable in my life. Credit to Mr. Emirul Redzuan, who is responsible to supervise my internship project and always put his trust in my work. The working environment is really unique and I will use this great experience to make a positive impact in my future. I wish all the best to EcoKnights and please don’t stop providing the positive vibe to the world. Adios fellas!

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