Starbucks Malaysia’s Green Outreach Programme: Backyard Composting Workshop

On 27th May 2018, the first community workshop of Starbucks Malaysia’s Green Outreach Programme was completed with success at Rumah Panjang Taman ikan Emas. This was the first community workshop after the launching of the community edible garden, hence serving as an opportunity to teach them in making organic fertilizer from their daily food and garden wastes. Through the composting workshop, participants learned a proper method to make cost-free fertilizer and this is one of the ways to sustain and maintain their edible garden. Starbucks Malaysia also sponsored 2 composting bins, each have 60L capacity, so that community are able to practice this approach in their edible garden.

There were 10 residents from Taman Ikan Emas who participated in this workshop and they are mostly the committee members of this edible garden. The workshop was divided into three phases and it took two hours to finish all the planned activities. The three phases that were planned throughout the workshop were:

First phase: Theoretical briefing about backyard composting

Second phase: Hand-on practice on composting using a container

Third phase: Composting bin installation

The local residents who learned the composting will be able to adopt a greener lifestyle and with this knowledge they were empowered to protect and revitalize their neighborhood river, in line with the objective of River of Life (ROL) project. Furthermore, composting not only converts waste into fertilizer, but it can also reduce landfill problems in a bigger picture. The upcoming community workshop for Green Outreach programme is Planting Knowledge and Propagation workshop in July.


First phase of the workshop: Emirul Redzuan, EcoKnights officer, explaining the method of composting.


Second phase of the workshop: Hand-on practice on how to do composting


Composting models that were made by the participants


Third phase: Composting bin installed inside the edible garden

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