EcoKnights Joins Geofest Langkawi

30/11/2014 – Langkawi: EcoKnights recently joined the weekend-long Geofest at Laman Padi in Langkawi to provide attendees with workshops on eco-enzymes and backyard composting. Hosted by the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA), Geofest was conceived to “nurture the future and educate the present on Geoparks.” EcoKnights joined this effort to spread environmental awareness and educate the public on waste management.

EcoKnights representative Fadly Bakhtiar ran the eco-enzyme workshop on Saturday, 29th November, which teaches participants how they can use natural products to make their own cleaning products. By using natural products – specifically those products that are commonly wasted like orange peels – people can simultaneously save money by producing their own products and manage the waste they create in their everyday lives.

On Sunday, 30th November, EcoKnights representative Andrew Zoromski led a group of 20 in a backyard composting workshop. After going through the basics of backyard composting, Andrew described for the audience why composting is a great tool in waste management. Participants were quizzed at the end of the session to test their ability to identify different kinds of waste (compostables, recyclables, and rubbish). The participants with the top ten quiz results were awarded their own backyard composting bins.

EcoKnights was glad to have taken part in Geofest and help LADA achieve their community goals. EcoKnights looks for any opportunity to further their mission to spread environmental awareness and education and is happy to lend support whenever needed. For more information on how to bring these or other workshops to your school, community, or event, please contact EcoKnights Public Relations and Fundraising officer, Amy Jaafar, at



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