Garbage to Garden (G2G) Third Workshop in Taman Putra Prima

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On 19th May 2018, under the collaboration with the Environmental and Green Technology of Selangor State Government, EcoKnights conducted a composting workshop for the Selangor Garbage to Garden (G2G) programme. The workshop was held at Taman Putra Prima, Puchong with 27 enthusiastic participants, arranged by the Taman Putra Prima residential committee.

Composting is a process where organic materials decomposes (breaks down) and yields fertilizer that can be used in gardening and agriculture. Composting can be considered as a lifestyle as organic waste can be easily obtained from the kitchen; e.g. food leftovers. This workshop consisted of two sections- the theory of composting and making a compost simulation model. Joining the workshop were some officers of the Environmental and Green Technology of Selangor State Government who described the workshop as an interactive workshop with two way engagement.


In a nutshell, the participants learnt the fundamental way on how to do backyard composting and its maintenance so that they can get the best result from the compost. For more information on this programme you can visit or contact . EcoKnights would like to thank the Taman Putra Prima residential committee for arranging the venue of the workshop as well as the officers from the Environmental and Green Technology Selangor for supporting the programme.


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