Garbage to Garden (G2G) Continues Its Workshop With Enthusiasm

g2g2image001In the continuity of the composting workshop, the 2nd Garbage to Garden (G2G) workshop was organized at EcoKnights headquarter, on 12th May 2018. Managing organic waste in a smart way around housing area or more specifically, in a kitchen, has been a new practice among residential community in the effort to reduce the amount of organic waste that is contributing to landfills.

Composting is a way that can put food waste to a good use. It benefits in a way that the by-products can make the soil fertile and helps the plants in the garden to grow better. Furthermore, composting reduces overall methane emissions from landfills and will help in lowering the carbon footprint.

This workshop aimed to teach the participants about backyard composting and to increase the Malaysians’ awareness in making the transformation of food to food waste into a cycle that can benefit globally. This initiative is a collaboration between EcoKnights and the committee of Environmental and Green Technology from the Selangor State Government in launching the Selangor Garbage to Garden (G2G) programme.


g2g2image007The 2nd Garbage to Garden workshop included two sections about the knowledge of composting – the theory of composting and making a compost simulation model. 18 residents of Selangor have participated and assimilated the facts and procedures of composting. People who would like to learn more about composting and have a clearer idea about this programme can get the information from or contact .

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