Selangor G2G Programme: Empowering Sustainable Lifestyle through Smart Management of Organic Waste in the Residential Area

Organic waste such as kitchen scraps and garden waste can be an environmental nuisance when it is not managed properly. Furthermore, these organic waste that we are throwing away would gradually turn into rotting food for rats and other pests. Changing the mind set of people on how we can help to reduce the various pollution caused by these waste proves to be a challenging task at a few levels.


Composting as part of a lifestyle came into the picture a few years ago as an alternative for people to give a second chance to organic waste. Composting is a process that breaks down organic waste to produce fertilizer that can be used in gardening and agriculture.

Malaysians’ awareness on composting is increasing lately and to support the publics’ initiative to start composting, EcoKnights collaborated with the committee of Environmental and Green Technology Selangor recently launched the Selangor Garbage to Garden (G2G) programme.

On 5th of May 2018, G2G started off with its first composting workshop for the Selangor residences in empowering a sustainable lifestyle through composting. This workshop is one of the components in the Garbage to Garden programme that acts as a platform to educate the public about backyard composting and raise awareness on how we can put organic waste to a good use.

This workshop consisted of two sessions – the theory of composting and making a compost simulation model. Towards the end, the 15 participants learnt the fundamental tips and tricks on composting. 

The composting simulation model-making session with the G2G participants.The composting simulation model-making session with the G2G participants.

Interested people who would like to participate in the G2G programme can register through or obtain more information from or contact .

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