Publika Earth Month and MAPFEST 2018

The Green Market attract more Eco Buyers come to have a look and support.The Green Market attract more Eco Buyers come to have a look and support.

In collaboration with Publika for Earth Month and MAPFEST 2018, EcoKnights successfully held a series of activities - Green Market, eco workshop and local performances from 24th March until 1st April at Publika Shopping Gallery.

The activity that garnered a lot of attention was the Green Market which aimed to promote Sustainable Consumption and Production (Goal 12) under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  In total, 42 local vendors were selling various green products ranging from organic beauty products, chemical-free hand-dyed apparel and bags, terrarium, eco-friendly household items, organic food to pre-loved items, attracting more than 1000 customers. 


The eco workshops were packaged in a home series, which were the bedroom series, kitchen series, garden series and dining series to make it more relevant for the public to apply the knowledge learnt at home. The objective of conducting these workshops was to educate the general on the creative and fun ways to upcycle used materials at home and reducing waste in general. Among the workshops conducted were DIY self-watering system, DIY tshirt bag, terrarium, DIY soap-making and composting.

DIY soap-making workshopDIY soap-making workshop
Composting workshopComposting workshop

The performances featured local talents such as DTOLJ, Kasanovas, The Sabahan Band, Ken, Jes Ebrahim and Peter and Friends. 

Ken, the saxophone playerKen, the saxophone player
The KasanovasThe Kasanovas

Overall, EcoKnights would like to send our deepest gratitude to Publika, green vendors, performers and visitors for supporting the event throughout the week.

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