Tree-planting Together with edotco Group Sdn Bhd

On Saturday the 24th of March 2018, EcoKnights planted three different tree species together with edotco Group Sdn Bhd at the Sungai Bunus retention area. Trees were planted to make the area greener and more attractive for recreation under the River of Life programme.

The different species were planted together with fertilizer to give the trees a good start and coconut husk to protect their roots. The tree species planted are:

  • Samanea saman – improves the soil.
  • Syzygium polyanthum –attract different animals
  • Spondias dulcis –attract different animals

Volunteers of edotco Group in action.Volunteers of edotco Group in action.

After the trees were planted the event was continued with a workshop. Employees of EcoKnights taught the edotco Group volunteers on how to make mud balls. Mud balls are made of sand, organic material and effective microorganisms – an environmental friendly tool to improve the water quality and contains nutrients for the river plants. The volunteers then threw ready-made mud balls into the river to improve river quality. The tree-planting event ended with some good conversations about river caretaking and a delicious lunch to end an inspiring morning community activity.

Everyone is ready to throw the mudball into the river.Everyone is ready to throw the mudball into the river.

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