Vision towards a Better Environment

Educating young generation in preserving the environment is vital for the survival of nation’s biodiversity and ecosystem. This step seems easy but it is actually very difficult to be executed. For this purpose, educational institution must play their role to instil the sense of responsibility, hence moving towards a better environment. Furthermore, as climate change effect becomes more severe, a consistent update of the facts and numbers will certainly open the eyes of youth to become ‘eco-hero’. Imagination and creativity among the youth can be a tool for them to play their part to innovate something useful that may be useful.

In a bigger picture, climate change is currently posing a more dangerous threat. Increasing greenhouse gases, sea level rise, ocean acidification and soil degradation will affect our lives in the longer term and these events are categorized as slow onsets events. Lack of transition towards better ‘green’ technology contributes to the above problem as it slows down the changing movement. That being said, it is undeniable that changing one’s lifestyle proves to be not an easy task. In order for a change in lifestyle, one’s mind-set must be educated first on how to practice a greener lifestyle. Using our own cars instead of taking the public transportation is seen as the best option for many people, suggesting that the transportation service may be somewhat disappointing to some people and the best way to mobilize them is by using the vehicles they own. This option contributes to the increasing carbon emission, making it a huge contributor to increasing global temperature.

Other than that, during this Anthropocene time, the intensity of environmental problems as the results of increasing climate severity is expected to rise. Increasing sea level and global temperature, which can be fatal to some sensitive flora and fauna, can severely disturb the balance in ecosystems and biodiversity. Food supply will become scarce as less fertile soil is available to harvest more food. This can lead to a global food crisis involving millions of people, especially those in the poor countries.

From another perspective, greener steps should be encouraged by the government through their funds for more efficient research and development (R&D), resulting in a smoother transition towards a better environment. Besides the role of governmental bodies, it is essential for one to have an individual common sense in conserving the environment. Efforts on the individual level may not have an instant effect in conserving the environment, but in the long run, it can change the culture and mind-set about how important the environment is to humankind.

- By Rizan Faiz




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