10 Ways to have a Greener Valentine’s Day Celebration with Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and most of you are probably toying with the idea of getting special gifts for your loved ones. Although it’s a day dedicated to love but often we neglect the love for our environment. For Mother Nature, Valentine’s Day can be very bad news for her.

The amounts of cards printed and sent contribute to deforestation. The chocolate and flower industries use vast amount of land for their crops and not to mention they are also among the world’s biggest users of pesticides. And all the above travels over distances to reach your loved ones, burning up carbon and contributing to global warming.

So we got creative in the office and our EcoKnights have pointed out that Valentine’s Day can be green and here’s what they say:

v1Koen: Some wrapping papers or bags cannot be recycled so I found a creative yet natural way to wrap presents – wrapping with leaves. The leaves can then be composted.

Saima: I think planting and growing your own flowers which you can use for your flower bouquet is romantic – everything is done with patience, love and passion.  You don’t have to buy flowers, hence reducing carbon footprint produced in transporting flowers.

Yasmin: I am not a fan of cards. The buying, the printing, the sending, all contributes to a bigger carbon footprint. So go digital. Send digital cards this Valentine’s Day. 

v2Rizan: Girls love beauty and bath products. So why not make your own bath products such as coffee scrub for exfoliation? It’s easy, free, eco-friendly and good for the skin. Perfect for coffee lovers too!

Nabila: Valentine’s Day is for everyone, even Mother Nature. I’d recommend a trip to the river. Our rivers and riverbanks are swamped with trash, it’s time to do something good for the environment while spending quality time with your loved ones.

Johanan: Instead of driving out to a restaurant for dinner why not stay in and cook up a romantic dinner instead. Make a spaghetti dish and you can even recreate the ‘Lady and The Tramp’ scene. More time spent together, less carbon footprint and definitely great food!

v3Mok: Have fun with your partner by joining volunteerism or eco workshops which are widely available for everyone. Valentine’s Day is more meaningful when you’re a giver or you learn something green.

Emirul: Looking for something special for your love one? Why don't make one yourself by up-cycling everything in your house! Turn your used cooking oil into something romantic like scented candle and aromatic soap. Your partner would definitely appreciate your effort and time spent to make these special gifts.

Zafran: To wrap up all the tips given by my team members, I recommend a green Valentines package – chilling out at the garden surrounded by the flowers planted together. Then cook a nice lunch using the ingredients from your edible garden or if you don’t have an edible garden, you can opt to shop for organic ingredients.