EcoKnights Attended a Pitching Workshop Conducted by DHL DHL Asia-Pacific Information Services Sdn Bhd


6th November 2017, Cyberjaya – Our EcoKnights interns had the pleasure of attending a pitching workshop conducted by our long-time logistical partner DHL at their IT services headquarters. This workshop was organized and staffed by DHL employees and was geared more towards public speaking, confidence and quick thinking as opposed to more traditional sales pitch techniques. The workshop was conducted from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm, and was broken up into two sessions.

The first session talked about general effective presentation techniques and the common elements in great speakers like Jack Ma and Simon Sinek. Participants were trained to monitor and use their body language, voice, and emotions in order to give a more impactful and impressive message, and also trained to give actionable, concise advice to fellow speakers.

In this half of the workshop, Giorgio Catucci, the lead workshop coordinator, emphasized knowing yourself and authenticity over any technique or speaking method. He argued that it was critical that one knows their own strengths and your weaknesses when it comes to speaking in public so that they can be managed.

The second session of the workshop was when the theory was put into practice. The participants were split into groups and given 30 minutes to prepare a short three-minute pitch. They were then requested to present it to the class. Barry Ong and Jayakartini Jayakumar, who are both DHL employees and veteran public speakers, stepped in to mentor the individual groups before their big pitch.

As a result of their dedicated guidance, all of our interns have learnt to improve their public speaking skills. The coherence and impact of their pitches were vastly superior to the pitches we were asked to do at the start of the class with no prior training. Once again, we would like to thank DHL for this amazing learning opportunity and for allowing us to learn about the art of conveying an idea. 

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