ROL:POP phase 3A Environmental Training for Future Chefs

14th October 2017, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur - An environmental workshop was conducted on the 6th October, titled “Commercial Kitchen Operation Food Waste and River Environment” at The Malaysia Selangor and Federal Territory Ku Su Shin Choong Hung Restaurant Association (KUSU). This workshop was organized by EcoKnights partner in ROL:POP Phase 3A – Ms Foong Chuen Far, Senior Consultant of ERE Consultant Group and her team with attendance of KUSU culinary students, the future chefs. 


The workshop emphasized on the current government effort called River of Life which carries the main objective to educate and raise awareness of young future culinary crew on the importance of reducing commercial food waste and how they can contribute to the river environment. 

Food waste has always been an issue in kitchens of all sizes. It is, however, seen a lot more in commercial kitchens where there are high volumes of food. Commercial kitchens have many stations that focus on different types of food, which means different ways of preparing food and ultimately should minimize food waste. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Most of the food waste was produced through the unorganized food operational and food waste behavior. Furthermore, the waste products are not proper handled and end up in the landfill or down to the drainage system which lead to river pollution. 


Multiple solutions were recommended to educate the culinary students and practiced in action. Proper portion control is one of the most important steps to minimizing food waste. Despite that, food storage, preparation and investing in proper waste disposable such as waste filtration and composting. With proper management, less food will be wasted and healthy river.

Furthermore, Ms. Foong had also invited EcoKnights to the workshop to demonstrate the making of candle using recycle cooking oil. This way, there is a group of people who are passionate about the process and can ensure wasted food in the kitchen is put good use elsewhere. 

Lastly, reducing food waste in commercial kitchens can be daunting and achieving the new balance may seem unforeseeable. However, a simple change will help us make a difference. 

ERE Consultant Group and EcoKnights with the Kusu culinary students holding their hand made candles made from recycled cooking oil.ERE Consultant Group and EcoKnights with the Kusu culinary students holding their hand made candles made from recycled cooking oil.

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