KDU University – Environmental Day

In conjunction with KDU University Environment Day, EcoKnights in collaboration with KDU University will be organising several activities related to the environment for the benefit of the KDU University students. This year’s KDU University Environment Day is based on the theme sustainability and activities related will be conducted in the entire month of June on a weekly basis.

The activities that will be organised are photography exhibition, Eco engagement talk, and an upcycle workshop.  The KDU Environment Day commences with the photography exhibition which will be from 5th June to 9th June 2017. This photography exhibition is to exhibit to the students and the public the relationship between Mother Nature and us. In addition, it is also to create awareness among the students and the public to appreciate the environment and to maintain and sustain the current environment.

An eco engagement talk will be organised on the 7th June 2017, touching on the title “Future of Our Environment” for the KDU University students which will be presented by our EcoKnights President, Ms Yasmin. The purpose of this talk is to educate college students on the importance of taking action for a better environment in the future. The final activity will be an upcycle workshop on the 21st June 2017, which participants will be taught to make their very own coaster and drawstring bag. Through this activity, participants will learn to convert items and materials that they do not need into something useful, which at the same time practicing waste reduction and honing our creativity.


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