EcoKnights collaborated with L’OREAL MALAYSIA for L’OREAL Sustainability Week.

On the month of April, EcoKnights have strategically collaborated with L’oreal Malaysia to coordinate L’oreal Sustainability Week in conjunction with Earth month. EcoKnights also has set a series of environmental-themed programs for the employees of L’oreal Malaysia. The aim of this event is to promote a simple sustainable and green living to the employees.

The first day of L’oreal Sustainability Week was on 19th April 2017, which EcoKnights conducted a Coaster Making workshop. The employees got crafty as they participate to make their very own coaster out of magazines. This workshop was just a small step for the employees to practice a simple green yet sustainable lifestyle. 


The very next day, 20th April 2017, EcoKnights continued on L’oreal Sustainability Week with a talk from EcoKnights’ President and Founder, Yasmin Rasyid, who touched on the topic regarding ‘Energy Consumption’. Yasmin explored subjects like the source of energy and how much energy is consumed in Malaysia, with L’oreal Malaysia’s employees. 


As for the final day of L’oreal Sustainability Week, 21st April 2017, the employees were able to listen to a talk on Backyard and Bokashi Composting. The talk was led by EcoKnights officer, Nabila Shohimi, who shared a few fundamental tips on starting their very own compost at home. 


L’oreal employees were satisfied with the overall workshops and EcoKnights also hoped that they heed the advice and tips given as well as practicing a green sustainable habit not only at work but also at home.

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