MHB Knights Of Nature Sustainability Camp 2017 is back!


MHB Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp (KON) 2017 is on and now open for application!  MHB KON 2017 is a 4 days and 3 night camp with a goal to enhance knowledge and awareness about Johor's ecological crisis. Moreover, we aim to implant the right behaviour in future generations as well as inspire them to adopt sustainable actions for positive environmental and social change. With the main theme of maritime, environment and communities, the camp this year aims to understand the marine and coastal environment through a practical learning experience and provide constructive solutions for the community in order to overcome these issues.

MHB KON 2017 is open for youth in the range of 18-25 years old who are currently residing or studying in Johor, having a wide interest and understanding in coastal and marine environment in Johor and passionate to be part of the solution towards the issues in Johor. 

Interested? Apply to join us now! For more information, please visit or keep an eye on EcoKnights’ official website and Facebook page.  We hope to see you there at the camp!



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